Kemiex is the perfect tool to negotiate with both existing suppliers as well as with new well-known suppliers from all around the world.
Raúl Olaya, Director
Grot del Perú S.A.C.

Grot is a growing Peruvian importer of raw materials for the Vet, Feed, Food and other industries that was created in 2016. However, the team is lead by Raúl Olaya, who has decades of experience in the business of importing goods into Latin America. Raúl strongly believes that expanding his business fast can only be obtained by doing business with reliable counterparties and in an efficient way that allows speed.

The challenge of Grot

For Grot, partly due to the young age of the company, one of the most important challenges has been to develop relationship with reliable suppliers and sources which allow them to provide security to their clients, not only in product quality but also in delivery times, technical information, and support in general, providing in this way a comprehensive solution to the needs of the industry. Additionally, digital transformation has become a key element for the success of a company and a main driver of the strategy, and Raúl has always believed in continuous improvement and innovation.

Taking these specific needs into account, Raúl was looking for new channels that would broaden his reach without sacrificing reliability, so Kemiex was the perfect solution among all the options he ever saw. Raúl found out about Kemiex through his personal network, which was then contrasted in a meeting with the team during an international exhibition in Perú in 2019.

Protection against fraud: A reason to rely on Kemiex

In the beginning of his membership, he shared his concerns because he had had some negative experience dealing with new suppliers in the past. However, he was encouraged by members of his personal network about the reliability of Kemiex. was quickly suprised by the caliber of the sellers he found when requesting products, and by the great opportunities that Kemiex generated for him.

We are aware that the risk of fraud has increased in foreign trade negotiations over the last years, and are very cautious about the possibility of being a victim of fraud. Thanks to Kemiex we have the confidence of dealing with professional and reliable companies that will meet the terms agreed during a negotiation. In Kemiex we have found a modern, secure and private solution where all companies are reviewed in terms of quality and financial, which is something very valuable for us to ensure safe business for us and our customers. The access to a premium network of leading companies has allowed us to negotiate with new suppliers.

The extra level of comfort when doing international business with new companies has allowed Grot to perform some opportunistic transactions much faster than they would be able to do if they would only use traditional channels.

Overview of the different checks that Kemiex performs to ensure reliability of all members.

Other important benefits for Grot

1. Global reach in an aggregated and efficient way

Another competitive advantage that Kemiex gives its members is the greater reach, which allows access to many more options without effort, and in a much faster way. Companies are able to instantly connect with suppliers and customers (both new and existing) in one place, reducing the need to coordinate between multiple channels.

Before, we used to send our product requests only to our trusted suppliers and to one or two alternative suppliers depending on the occasion. Now, with Kemiex in a few clicks we can create a requirement that reaches the appropriate companies of the network autimatically. We receive their quotes in a very efficient way through the tool, which leads to having more points of comparison and resulting in better purchasing decisions in each case.

2. Faster negotiations

All relevant actions that require a response from the counterparty are notified via the tool and by email, to make sure you are informed when something needs your attention. In the case of a buyer, all quotes related to one inquiry are aggregated in one same place, facilitating decision making and reducing the unnecessary high amount of back and forth of emails, whatsapp messages and alignment calls.

3. Live Market information

In addition, to complement and support decision making of buyers and sellers, and thanks to its privileged neutral position in the market, Kemiex facilitates information to all members.

During the 30 years that I have been in the animal health and nutrition industry, I have learnt that it is of vital importance to have immediate and neutral information on all those situations that affect the market. On the platform we find multiple elements that provide us the necessary information to navigate uncertainty. We have been members since 2019 and the Insights provided keep getting better and better over time. The price trends now allow to compare multiple products over different time frames, which is something I have never seen before. Additionally, we constantly receive important news from the industry that help us to stay informed and respond to market movements before it's too late.

Raúl's summary about Kemiex

Kemiex is the perfect tool to negotiate with both existing suppliers as well as with new well-known suppliers. The tool provides efficiency and safety during negotiations, as well as valuable information to be informed about what happens in the market and the industry, at all times. Thanks to Kemiex we have done several important purchases at great terms. We are very happy with the continous evolution of the tool, and I am confident that they will continue to exceed our expectations in the future.

Image of the Grot team, with Raul in the center.


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