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As part of our commitment to maintaining a secure and reputable platform, we have established a collaborative partnership with Atradius and SGS. Through this alliance, we implement a rigorous screening process for every company seeking to join our platform.

Atradius, a renowned credit insurance company, evaluates the financial stability and creditworthiness of potential partners, enabling us to mitigate financial risks. 

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With our platform, you can now easily customize your orders by implementing specific filters and requirements tailored to your preferences: incoterms, grade, payment terms, delivery logistics, necessary documentation, product quality, available variety (including powder, liquid, etc.), and even your preferred manufacturers.

This allows you to optimize each transaction effortlessly, ensuring a smooth experience that aligns perfectly with your business needs and objectives.

“We obtain high-quality insights from Kemiex to make informed business decisions. Their sector-focused procurement software is second-to-none”

Luis Eduardo Pimenta

Senior Purchaser

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The 30 busiest ports in the world.

The 30 busiest ports in the world.

Sea transport is a crucial component of global goods transportation, with ports playing a vital role. According to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), over 90% of global trade is conducted…
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Animal Nutrition: Mega trends 2024

Animal Nutrition: Mega trends 2024

The animal nutrition ingredients market, encompassing additives and premix, currently stands at USD 23.5 billion. This infographic addresses the impact of growing population and rising standards of living on animal agriculture.
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Infographic: Exports L-Threonine China to World

Infographic: Exports L-Threonine China to World

The role of China in the world of raw materials Global trade of raw materials for human and animal nutrition is crucial for the global economy, with China playing a…
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Market Report: China exports of 19 key ingredients in 1Q 2024

Market Report: China exports of 19 key ingredients in 1Q 2024

The first quarter of 2024 has shown major changes in export quantities from China as compared to 2023 when China re-opened from COVID-19.
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