How it works

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Today: Current market practice

Potential contract breaches and operational losses
Lack of quality compliance, financial health or ethics
Issues to find companies with good products and on time

Tomorrow: Kemiex business model

Safe trading ensuring contract execution
Reliable counterparties carefully selected
Worldwide access in one click

How the platform works

Global API and Additive trading in 5 steps

Buyers request products
Submit Product Requests in a few clicks

and define preferred terms
Sellers provide quotes
Receive Product Requests from buyers and provide quotes

Proactively initiate own Spot Offers
Compare and negotiate terms
Easily compare quotes received for each Product Request

Accept quotes and/or send counter offers

Receive personalized alerts when changes occur
Always select the best quote
Choose the best terms every time

Instantly receive tailor-made contracts when reaching agreement
Track progress post-agreement
Manage relevant trade regulatory documents

Easily Keep track of all trades

Rate each transaction after completion

Kemiex Features

24/7 trading

The platform is open and available for users 24/7, allowing to request (or offer) products whenever it is most convenient

Thorough onboarding process

Together with Atradius, Kemiex evaluates companies focusing on financial situation and quality management, facilitating safe trading

Trade coverage from A to Z

The platform guides both counterparties through the execution process and reminds users via alerts to ensure a prompt response

Interactive quoting and negotiation

Easily update prices and contract terms for spot and forward transactions, greatly reducing negotiation lead times

Documentation management

Trade Regulatory documents are agreed during the negotiation process, and made available directly in the platform

Identity protection

User identity is kept confidential until an agreement is reached, allowing counterparties to negotiate privately and safely

Contract generator engine

Confirmation of Transaction contract is automatically generated and sent to both counterparties, reducing administrative work

Trade credit insurance coverage

Kemiex provides sellers with the possibility to insure their trades inside the platform, allowing them to better manage their risk

Market Data Services

Obtain detailed information per product: Price evolution, Price trend and much more

Market intelligence and Newsletters

Kemiex periodically provides users with relevant news about API and Additive trading, allowing them to make better decisions

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