Kemiex helped us to promote A.H.A and introduced us to new opportunities worldwide, providing the possibility to trade in a safe environment
Rebecca Mei, International Sales Representative
A.H.A International Co., Ltd.

This time we have the pleasure of talking to Rebecca Mei about their experience in Kemiex. She is the International Sales Representative of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Nutraceuticals and Food Additives in A.H.A International Co., Ltd, which is a Chinese Chemicals-exporting company with more than 40 years of experience.

What was the main reason to join Kemiex?

Since its early days, our company has always been present in big events and international trade fairs such as CPHI, Vitafoods, Fi and many others to promote our company and look for new customers globally. Such modus operandi came to a sudden stop, due to COVID-19 and the consequent travel restrictions, which are still partially in place when entering China. When the situation changed due to the pandemic, and we started looking for different alternatives to continue our efforts to grow and meet new reliable customers, also in the digital space.

After looking at several options, we chose Kemiex due to its innovative business model and unique value proposition, which puts a lot of emphasis in the quality and reliability of its participants. This has helped us to shift our efforts to the business, not having to worry as much as who is on the other side, because we know that all members are verified on several criteria.

Kemiex is the new way to get exposure in feed, food, vet and pharma industries in front of reliable companies. Although we plan to continue our efforts with trade fairs, the tool is more efficient and less expensive than attending fairs.

How are you taking advantage of the exposure achieved with Kemiex?

We realized that many of the leading companies in the feed, food, vet and pharma industries are active members in Kemiex, which is a great opportunity for us to get direct exposure in front of relevant players in a very efficient but effective way. We joined Kemiex to promote our strong products in the APIs, Nutraceuticals, and Food Additives Market, and so far the results are surprisingly positive. We are increasing our brand awareness globally and not just in China.

The increasing number of companies that request product in the tool makes it fun to work with, and very easy for us to trigger meaningful negotiations with clients and prospects.

Do you think you made the right choice joining Kemiex? Why is that?

Joining Kemiex was a very smart decision, we think this is the future of safe trading and marketing in our industry. These are some of the reasons that make it a worthy investment for us:

  • Strong and constant growth: Kemiex is growing very quickly at a global scale, bringing new customers and business opportunities to our inbox without us having to travel as much or look for companies ourselves. Additionally, they are always updating and improving the platform by adding new functionalities with no extra cost for us, so we could say the tool keeps getting cheaper as we're having more features at the same price, and they are very responsive to the feedback from clients.

  • Great service and support at all times: The level of service and support provided by the whole Kemiex team globally is something that surprised us very positively. We have a very committed account manager who is also Chinese and based in China, so we have never been alone using the platform, regardless of the time of the day. Our dedicated account manager helped us a lot with a tailormade trainining in the beginning, and always goes the extra mile to support us in promoting our company, even introduced us to new customers and opportunities that we were not aware of.

    With other service companies, you must send a ticket and they reply after 72 hours or longer, in Kemiex we have direct contact with the team by email, phone or WeChat with our dedicated account manager, and they are always here for us when we need them.

  • Safety and efficiency: It is important to highlight that Kemiex provides an unprecedented safe environment for business, because every company that joins the platform is verified on multiple levels. This allows us to initiate quicker meaningul negotiations as we only deal with reliable and serious companies, which translates into savings of time for us, and the possibility to focus on more value adding activities.

Company information

A.H.A International Co., Ltd. (Formerly Sinochem Anhui, founded in 1982, changed to be Anhui Chemicals Import & Export Corporation (ACC) in 1988) is a reliable worldwide distributor and Chinese supply chain management partner specialised in Health & Medicine, Food & Beverage and Fine & Specialty Chemical Industry. Their turnover was over 1.5 Billion Yuan (RMB) in 2017. With more than 40 years of professional experience in the market, A.H.A has been engaged in supplying high qualified products and services to worldwide clients.


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