Thanks to Kemiex we are improving our procurement process in a very intuitive manner: More negotiations in less time but with a better outcome.
Eng. Horacio Salkeld, COO
Battilana Nutrici├│n SAC

Our team talks with Eng. Horacio Salkeld, COO of Battilana Nutrici├│n SAC, a leading player in the feed industry in Per├║. Here's what he told us about his experience in Kemiex so far:

What convinced you to join Kemiex?

I have personally been an active participant in the feed industry in Per├║ for more than 30 years. I know that the industry has changed a lot since I started and I am aware that leading companies like Battilana need to always be looking for ways to innovate and remain competitive. Once I heard about Kemiex, I checked with some colleagues and friends from the industry and they shared some good feedback about Kemiex, its team and its solution.

I had a chat with the team of Kemiex, and after seeing the solution with my team, we decided to try and explore this new way of finding product and receiving information to make better decisions.

What would you highlight from your experience with Kemiex so far?

The first thing that surprised me about Kemiex is how easy it was to get onboarded and learn to use the tool.
There is no IT implementation or software instalation required, so the onboarding took a surprisingly short amount of time. In fact, it lasted the time that we need to provide the details to the Kemiex team.

Was there any difficulty getting used to Kemiex?

Not at all! The team has built a very intuitive and self explanatory platform, and they have always been there to help us when we have questions or need support. As opposed to other online services that we use, we have a dedicated Account Manager that takes care of our needs and supports us with the usage and navigation of the tool.
For example, thanks to the tips from the team, we can now create new requests to the market in less than 30 seconds, which was not feasible using traditional channels.

We have been able to expand our business horizons in a very easy way, and have been able to discover new business opportunities that I did not know were possible for us.

How are you improving your purchasing process with Kemiex?

Although we did not conclude an order within the first 2 months, we are in advanced talks with leading suppliers globally. In any case, the tool has already become a crucial element in our purchasing process both for the access to product and reliable neutral information. We are now able to have more negotiations in less time but with a better outcome: a broader market access globally, and more price visibility to improve decision making.

Thanks to Kemiex we have efficiently received and negotiated competitive quotations from almost two dozen leading suppliers from all over the world (some of which I never managed to have direct contact with).

The fact that many of my usual suppliers are in Kemiex is also an added benefit, because it makes my daily work easier, and it confirms that Kemiex only works with reliable companies.

Company information

Battilana Nutrici├│n SAC is a leading Peruvian company in technology for animal nutrition since the early 1990's. The company started its operations in the Peruvian livestock and swine market in 1993 and then expanded to cover poultry and all other species. The company focuses on providing quality products and services for animal nutrition internationally. Currently, they offer more than 60 innovative products for poultry, livestock, pig farming, pets and other species.


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