Thanks to Kemiex we have established long-term relationships with important players in the industry
Ronan Byrne, Sales Director
BLF Nutrition Ltd.

Today we had the pleasure of meeting Ronan Byrne, Sales Director of BLF Nutrition, a leading Irish manufacturer of Minerals, Vitamins, and Trace Element Supplements, to chat about their experience in Kemiex:

Why did you decide to join Kemiex?

BLF has been in the feed industry for several decades. We have a vast network of companies that we cooperate with, and informal conversations are a big part of our business. During a chat with a partner and supplier, who is one of the most important feed distribution companies worldwide, our contact person explained to us they joined a new platform called Kemiex and that they are very happy with it, so he suggested we have a look and hopefully be part of the platform.

When asking this company for more details, they confirmed that they are investing more and more into digitalisation, from information gathering to even centralising their purchasing on an online platform. This caught our attention, so we reached out to Kemiex to see if it could also be useful for us. After the first call, we decided to join.

Investing in digitalisation is always a safe bet, we cannot ignore how the market is evolving

How has been your experience during the first months?

Kemiex marketplace surprised us to a great extent, we are in a very opaque industry so having more information sources is always positive. The insights on the platform have helped us to take some strategic decisions that are already having a direct impact in the future of our company.

In addition, having access to the big number of companies dedicated to feed helped us to be able to meet other big players in the feed industry to close deals. We also noticed many of our suppliers and partners were already part of Kemiex, which was reassuring.

I believe we made a correct choice joining Kemiex, we closed our first transaction within the first week of using Kemiex, and since then have definitely obtained the return on our investment with the trades we successfully closed. We measure this return not only for the products we found, but also for the valuable newly established long-term relationships with important suppliers in Europe and from all over the world.

What 3 different aspects would you highlight of Kemiex?

1. Interesting offers: As we have more information to make better decisions, we could compare the offers we received inside and outside the platform saving us a lot of time and money. Also, Kemiex makes this process quite simple, as you can request a product in a few clicks, which is sent to a substantial number of possible suppliers and you can compare their quotes in a very efficient way, without having to rely only on traditional error-prone communication channels.

2. Enormous number of companies and opportunities: Thanks to Kemiex we were able to connect with companies we didn’t reach before, finding a lot of new opportunities. This is especially important due to the current market situation with low product availability. Having additional options and suppliers is always beneficial.

3. Amazingly easy to use: Sometimes we join platforms where we need weeks of specific trainings due to the complexity of the use. Kemiex, on the other hand, is a very intuitive platform, and this is something we appreciate a lot.

Company information

BLF Nutrition is a leading Irish manufacturer of Minerals, Vitamins and Trace Element Supplements. They have been servicing the Irish Farming Community for more than 4 decades. They supply their customers with a range of premium quality products all manufactured on-site and they manufacture their mineral to suit individual requirements of each customer.


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