We have improved our knowledge about the feed markets since we use Kemiex and its Insights. Their market news help us to be informed about relevant events, and the Reports give us an edge to plan our future discussions with customers and suppliers.
Arman Razzazian, Business Development Executive
Fulgent Pty. Ltd.

Our team talks with Arman Razzazian, the Business Development Executive in Fulgent Pty. Ltd., a trading company that joined Kemiex in 2020.

Why did Fulgent decide to join Kemiex?

As a trading company present in and operating on different continents, we must understand what is going on at a global level to be able to make fast decisions and react swiftly. In the world that we live in, information is power. Having access to reliable information, periodic reports on commodities and market insights can be a game-changer for companies like us trading raw materials between different continents. We are aware that digitalization is here to stay, and we want to be sure that we are not the last ones to join the movement. From the different platforms that we looked at, Kemiex is the one that proved to offer the most intuitive interface and the best information for our needs.

What's your feedback so far?

The Market information has helped us immensely since we joined in 2020. We regularly check the information available in order to be up-to-date with the market: The price trends allow us to see how market is evolving over time and compare different products' behavior. The market news immediately notify us of any relevant event that could impact us or our business. The exclusive market reports from Kemiex's team provide a whole lot of new information that helps us to understand the globaly dynamic with a new perspective. I also appreciate how the team manages to report relevant news (e.g. events in China or india reported by local media providers) that are not usually available to general public.

On the trading part, we were impressed by the level of companies from all around the world that are using Kemiex. We plan to increase our trading activity further in the coming months by offering our range of products on the platform.

How would you explain the value that Kemiex brings to you and your company?

I can confirm that Kemiex has become a regular source of data for us to improve our decision-making in the company. Thanks to it, we have been able to better navigate the markets in uncertain times, and now have more solid and better-prepared conversations with customers and suppliers.

What's the value of extra knowledge? I can't say for sure, but I for sure prefer to have it rather than missing out!

Company information:

Fulgent Pty. Ltd. is a trading company based in Melbourne (Australia) that specializes in the feed industry and meat-related products. The company also has presence in Canada and Middle East. Their local presence in the designated markets enables them to offer a direct-to-point portfolio of products and services to customers in different industries.


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