Kemiex is helping us to digitalize our procurement processes and reduce the time needed for admin-related tasks
Pablo Watson, Manager

Our Latin American team discussed with Pablo Watson, Manager in LABYES S.A., a leading finished product manufacturer for vet products from Argentina:

How is Kemiex helping your company?

We are benefitting from using Kemiex in multiple areas of our company. The most remarkable ones would be process optimization within producement and faster information gathering.

Although the platform is optimized for negotiatons in commercial sizes and spot + long term contracts, we are also able to use it for our new projects when developing new products for our different markets.

Can you explain how you are improving your processes with Kemiex?

We are benefitting from safer and more efficient processes across our procurement cycle. This helps us to save time and reduce human errors in the following areas:

  • Sending Requests: Thanks to the intuitive layout of the tool, our team members can easily place Requests which are sent automatically not only to our existing suppliers that we have invited, but also to all member suppliers that are able to provide that product.
  • Team coordination: Thanks to the team view, each member can see the activity of the rest of members, which reduces misunderstandings and the need to constantly align internally with the rest of colleagues (especially now that home office has become the new norm and we're not always all in the office).
  • Quote aggregation + negotiation: Kemiex automatically organizes and structures all quotes in one same page (both from existing suppliers that we invite and for new suppliers that we meet), which allows us to efficiently compare and make a fact-based decision without spending any time or effort processing the quotes. We can see more information, better organized, and in less time.
  • Fluent communication: The integrated chat, including the possibility to attach documents, has been a game changer for our negotiations with suppliers. We can efficiently clarify any questions and details in the same place where negotiation is taking place. Additionally, everything is fully stored and tracked when the transaction is completed.
  • Enhanced security for post-trade: Most companies in our industry suffered the consequences of fraud and hacking at some point in time. Thanks to Kemiex, we can be sure that all our negotiations, and all the relevant documentation (including the payment instructions and account numbers) is exchanged in a safe environment that provides enhanced levels of security compared to emails.

Is there anything else you would like to highlight about your experience in Kemiex?

I would like to highlight the customer focus of its entire team, and how they work on developing new features and services that make our lives easier, reducing errors and time needed to complete low value-adding tasks like aggregating quotes.

Since we joined in 2020, we have periodical calls with our Account manager, who keeps us informed about new features and new ideas that they consider for future developments. We also have the chance to share our feedback and opinions and receive tips from the team about how to maximize the value of the platform according to our specific needs. Some examples are the chat, the post-trade document exchange or the possibility to negotiate combined shipments.

Combined shipments, the latest feature of Kemiex, is now live. How do you like it?

I have to admit that this is one of the reasons why we are planning to use Kemiex more and more in the near future. With this last feature, we are able to capture pretty much all the requests we usually do, but in an efficient and structured tool.

This new feature allows us to simultaneously negotiate multiple products that would be included in the same shipment, reducing to ZERO the time needed to aggregate and compare the different quotations.

We have gone from preparing time-consuming and prone-to-error spreadsheets, to having the overview automatically done by the tool in one screen (even including a specific view to compare), which gives us more time to evaluate and make more matured decisions.

Company information

LABYES S.A. is a a company with more than 35 years of existance that develops, manufactures and markets veterinary pharmaceutical products for companion animals. Since its foundation, it has become a leading player in the vet space for pets in Latin America with sales presence in several countries.


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