We are accessing opportunities that were beyond our imagination before joining Kemiex
Jose Maria González Selva, General Manager
MoleFrank S.L.

Today's discussion is with Jose Maria Gonzalez, General Manager and Owner of MoleFrank S.L., a Spanish trading and distribution company of additives and sweeteners for the food industry, with a strong focus on Maltitol. Jose Maria shares with us his opinion about Kemiex:

How did you find out about Kemiex? What made you decide to join?

I think it's clear to everyone that the world has changed since the covid pandemic, and companies must adapt to these changes if they want to survive. The impact can be seen in new consumer trends, new habits among companies and citizens worldwide, and also in digitalization.

I dediced to investigate the existing online platforms in Europe focusing on the food industry, with the goal of growing my business.

From the different options I found, Kemiex was the one that caught my atention the most. When I had a demo with the team and saw the new opportunities I would be able to access in Kemiex, I decided to join straight away.

What is your feedback after the first month?

The first impression when logging in Kemiex for the first time was even better than my expectations.

Given how our industry functions, I thought it would never be possible to aggregate leading companies from the food and feed industry in one platform, but I am very happy I've been proven wrong. Kemiex gives me the possibility to connect and directly negotiate with verified companies from all around the world, which is allowing us to access opportunities that were beyond our imagination before joining.

Additionally, I am impressed with the quality of the information available in Kemiex. I am used to receiving updates from suppliers and from traders, but in Kemiex it's the first time I find real-time neutral information about markets that allows me to react on time and make the right decisions for my business.

Do you think Kemiex is worth the investment for a small company?

Within the first month, we have generated business and savings that cover the cost paid for the entire yearly membership. I am quite sure that we'll obtain an ROI of multiple times the investment within the first year.

As a small company, it is very difficult to have access to certain information or business opportunities, especially in international markets. With Kemiex, I am able to access a pool of leading companies globally from my desktop, and receive neutral information that before was out of reach for me.

Company information

Molefrank S.L. is a Spanish trading company that imports and distributes food additives, with a focus on Maltitol, a sweetener used in many different finished products for human nutrition. The main pilars of the company are transparency, constant communication, and constant improvement that allow for longstanding relationships with customers and suppliers.


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