Thanks to Kemiex we took networking to the next level. We met companies we didn't know and companies we couldn't approach in the past
Hubert Droszcz, Export and Import Specialist
Pharmill Sp. K.

Today, we have the pleasure of talking with Hubert Droszcz, Export and Import Specialist in Pharmill, a manufacturer of complementary feed products for the veterinary sector:

Why is Pharmill in Kemiex?

We are a company that is very committed with the environment, all our products are well balanced and have high concentration of active ingredients. In the elaboration of our products, we only select the best quality raw materials, and we only use the best quality ingredients.

We joined Kemiex because we know that they also work with a strong focus on quality, and only with the highest standards.

What were the main reasons to join Kemiex?


Quality is one of the more important aspects for Pharmill. We heard about Kemiex and the kind of companies they have as members, and this was very interesting for us. First of all, because Kemiex checks every company that joins the platform, so we are trading in a safe environment. The other important aspect is the quantity and quality of the companies that are already part of Kemiex. We heard very important names, many of which we know, including most of our suppliers, so we thought to give it a try.


We believe that being connected in the industry is very important. To support with this, Kemiex publishes Market News and Market Reports every week, so we are now having a better understanding of what is happening in the market and we can make more strategic decisions.


For years, we have been looking for a solution that shows real evolution of prices in our industry. All the platforms we found were not accurate enough for our needs. In Kemiex we found a good match between what the tool shows and what we see on the market via our network. The Price Trends feature has been very useful for us. With it, we can prepare more accurate analysis and forecasts to be prepared for price fluctuations.

How has Kemiex helped Pharmill so far?

Kemiex has been a very useful tool since we decided to join. Thanks to it, we have increased the efficiency of the purchasing department, and also improved the access to information for the rest of departments.

Investing in Kemiex is investing in digitalisation. After joining Kemiex, we have increased internal collaboration and gained efficiency. We are now able to compare several quotes for different requests at the same time, aggregating all documentation and communication in the same place.

Another area where Kemiex helped us is establishing new business relationships. Being part of Kemiex means promoting our company in front of reliable companies globally. Results come if you do your part right (such as posting real requests regularly, giving feedback to suppliers during negotiations, etc.), exactly like it happens in a gym membership.

Thanks to Kemiex we have met several companies we didn't know before, and have established relationships with important partners, even with suppliers we used to work with in the past, with whom we reconnected after joining Kemiex.

Company information

Pharmill is a Polish company that selects substances to the needs and conditions of every animal. Their team works continuously with veterinarians and breeders and conducts research on improvements and new solutions in response to their needs.

Their vision is connected to the benefit of people, animals and the environment, and they cooperate by moving away from the misuse of antibiotics and synthetic agents in breeding and turn towards fully natural preparations.


If you want to know more about how Kemiex can help you to achieve your goals, we will be happy to support you.

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