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Summer Xia, Vice General Manager
Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd.

Our team talks with Summer Xia, Vice General Manager of Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia), part of Qilu Pharmaceutical, one of the top global manufacturers of APIs and products for humans, animals and crop protection. Summer shares his impressions with us after a few months of being member:

What were the decision factors to join Kemiex?

We have been in contact with the Kemiex team since a few years. Although we were considering for a while, we monitored their progress over time, and witnessed how they have been improving their tool and growing their user base to the point where many well-known companies globally are members. Since we are one of the major players in the industry and always look to innovate, we decided to be present in a new solution that can give us exposure and help us to find customers using new channels.

What would you highlight from the onboarding phase?

As a big company with more than 3500 employees, we are used to long implementation processes and complex changes. It was a very pleasant surprise to see that in Kemiex, our organization could be fully set up and trained in a matter of hours.

The whole onboarding process was very easy. The Kemiex team provided us with the necessary guidance to understand a new tool with global reach. Since we joined, we have received help any time we had a question. This is thanks to a dedicated Account Manager who in our case is Chinese native and based in China, and who is very supportive and available during our working hours whenever we need help.

How is your organization benefitting from Kemiex?

I see several areas where Qilu Pharmaceutical and my team is already benefitting from Kemiex after a few months of usage:

  • The Global reach of the tool helps us to overcome travel restrictions, which are especially strict in China.
  • We can efficiently promote our products and capabilities, directly to a network of reliable companies
  • We have connected with new companies but also with existing clients
  • Its disruptive business model without any commissions that encourages to do more business, unlike other tools

Independently from all the above points, I am convinced that digitalization is here to stay, so this is a great opportunity for us to explore new business models originated in the last few years which will for sure bring value to our industry.

Do you have a specific strategy for the use of Kemiex in the near future?

Our idea is to maximize the exposure of our company and our products in front of customers and prospects globally. Of course, we also plan to sell our products when we find buyers that are interested. Since we joined, we have started several new business relationships.

Additionally, we have recently initiated operations of our new plant of HuLun Buir Branch. As of now, we have two cutting-edge fermentation production facilities with a total fermentor volume of 100'000 cubic meters, which is the largest capacity in the animal and crop health protection industries. There, we are producing Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate, Neomycin Sulphate and Spinosad among other products, and we are happy to supply these products and the rest of our portfolio via Kemiex.

Aerial image of Qilu Pharmaceutical HuLun Buir Branch plant, facilitated by Mr. Summer and his team.

Company information

Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) focuses on advanced biological technology to produce veterinary API and bio-agrichemicals to protect animal and crop health, increase productivity of agriculture and secure food supply of the world. Qilu Inner Mongolia has two cutting-edge fermentation production facilities with a total fermentor volume of 100'000 cubic meters, which is the largest capacity in the animal and crop health protection industries. Its new fermentation production facility of Qilu Pharmaceutical Hulun Buir Branch has launched production of veterinary APIs such as Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate, Neomycin Sulphate, Spinosad (giving Qilu the world's largest capacity of commercial production of Spinosad).

The overall group is based in the Jinan province in China, has over 200 products between active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished products exported to over 70 countries. Its global footprint is currently reaching 14 subsidiaries overseas in 4 countries, and more than 23'000 employees globally.


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