Carlos's words about Kemiex

Research Pharmaceutical is a pioneer in the human and animal health and food industries, so for us it is a pleasure to use Kemiex and be part of the digitization of the sector. At Research, we use Kemiex to buy APIs and other additives. Quotes arrive quickly and safely within the tool, which allows us to better understand what is happening and to react quickly to market changes.

Company info

Research Pharmaceutical is a company that is part of the Grupo Carval from Colombia. The company focuses on supplying raw materials, excipients and packaging materials for the pharmaceutical, veterinary and cosmetic industries. Grupo Carval receives its name in honor to its founder, Carlos Vallecilla Borrero. The business group is composed of 8 companies in different industries, all dedicated to increasing productivity, well-being and quality of life for living beings. Grupo Carval today employs more than 2’400 people, in 19 countries across North and South America.


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