Marcos's words about Kemiex

At Sinbiotik we have been manufacturing and marketing APIs for more than 45 years. Our experience tells us that in our industry one must constantly innovate, and at the moment digitization is one of the great revolutions to come. Kemiex helps us to expand our supply and distribution channels, as we find new business opportunities for our purchases, while we can offer our own APIs to the international market in a very efficient way. Thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, and its network of companies around the world, we can expand horizons and meet reliable new business partners without leaving the office.

Company info

With 100% Mexican capital, Sinbiotik started its operations in 1975 as a manufacturing company focused on the veterinary API industry. Due to our company's expansion at national and international levels we are strongly committed to work for constant innovation and renewal, and to continue developing and researching molecules which are offered to Laboratories in order to provide them with a national manufacturer able to follow and in compliance with all regulatory requirements.


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