Kemiex has become a key pillar to find new reliable suppliers and customers worldwide
Camila Santamaría, Sales Manager and Trader
Vitafor N.V.

In this occasion, we discuss with Camila Santamaría, Sales Manager and Trader for Latin America and Spain within Vitafor, a Belgian producer and supplier of feed additives such as minerals, vitamins, pigments and other ingredients for the feed industry in both liquid and powder forms. Camila shares her experience using Kemiex, and also some tips for other companies to leverage the tool:

When and why did Vitafor start using Kemiex?

Vitafor has been an active user in Kemiex since 2018, when Kemiex started its operations. The colleagues from the Trading division of Vitafor heard about it in the market, and they decided to give it a try. As a company, we are always looking out for opportunities to innovate and grow our business globally, so the value proposition of Kemiex caught our attention as it was different to anything we had seen until then.

What is your experience so far?

Since we joined the platform, our team has completed several dozens of transactions on both buy side and sell side, all of them with well-known and reliable companies from all around the world.

Therefore, I can confirm that we have seen a direct impact of Kemiex in our PnL and in the way we navigate the markets, so it has organically become a crucial tool for our team.

However, I also want to emphasize that the great results that we have seen are due to actively trying to do business in the tool. It would not be realistic to expect to close a transaction after having quoted once or twice, just as it happens using traditional channels. In my case, it took a few days until I got used to the tool and learnt how to maximize our chances for success. This was partly thanks to the guidance offered by the Kemiex team, who are always trying to help us to get better.

How does Kemiex help you in your daily tasks?

I must admit that I did not start using Kemiex personally until 2022. I was aware of its existence from my colleagues but I never got to give it a try myself.
Since I received my Kemiex login, it has completely transformed my day-to-day activities, becoming the most visited website for me during working hours. Several times per day, I check requests and offers from the market, which gives me real-time information I never had before.

Additionally, the market information available in Kemiex helps me to react faster when changes happen in the market, which has translated into safer business for Vitafor.

Can you summarize your opinion about Kemiex in one quote?

Kemiex has become my go-to working tool apart from my email and internal systems. The team has introduced a completely new way of buying and selling raw materials through its innovative and secure platform. It creates unprecedented opportunities to find new reliable suppliers and customers worldwide. I believe Kemiex is setting the new standard in the feed industry and the future of online trading.

Company info

Vitafor, a company established in 1974 and based in Belgium, is a producer and supplier of feed additives such as minerals, vitamins, pigments and other ingredients for the feed industry in both liquid and powder forms. Vitafor operates globally and together with partners delivers premium quality nutritional products for feed and drinking water tailored to the needs of livestock. Vitafor’s ambition is to continue developing its reach geographically and expand the business of Vitafor Solutions.


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