Kemiex 是用于交易饲料、食品、兽药、医药等原料且提供相关信息的独立数字平台


Trusted by forward-thinking companies

Kemiex 为您提供仅通过电脑便可以安全访问饲料、食品、兽药和医药原料等领域的机会。我们总结关键信息,帮助您实时地了解价格趋势,这样您可以将遍布世界的各种情报更快捷地关联起来。维护您的的隐私和保持我们的中立是我们的首要职责。

3 solutions to bring your raw material business to the next level


Safe and fast access to suppliers and customers globally


Access to neutral and impartial Price trends, News & Insider Comments


Your own private platform to interact with your trusted trade partners

Access the world from your desktop

Meet new trade partners globally, from your desk. Take advantage of digitalization and create new meaningful business relations.

Say hi to safe trading

Deal only with reliable suppliers and customers that are pre-checked for Quality, Financial and Behaviour and profit out of our cooperations with Atradius and SGS.

Good bye to chaotic communication

If you spend your full day exchanging messages via multiple channels, and can’t find enough time for value adding tasks, we are your solution.

Visualize prices like never before

Analyse and compare +36 price trends for vitamins, amino acids, APIs and Freight costs. Thousands of neutral data points are collected from marketplace transactions, enhanced with big data, verified by our analysts, and contrasted with our customers to provide truly independent price trends.

Insider information at your fingertips

It is difficult to identify reliable sources to understand what is happening in the market. We bring you real time Market Comments, verified with multiple sources, so you can react before it’s too late.

The markets summarized real time

Save time browsing the internet for news all around the world. We collect news about relevant events of the industry and make them available to you immediately.

We connect the dots for you

Thanks to our neutral position in the industry, our analysts collect and analyse market information and vast amounts of data, and turn it into easy-to-read reports.

Want your own platform? Here you go

It can take several years to build up an internal software to support purchasing and sales processes. Take advantage of our technology and get your own customized private portal immediately, that simple!

Benefit from even more privacy

You decide who joins your portal, and who sees your requests or offers, so you can have full control of your counterparties globally.

Team coordination taken to the next level

Easily align as a team, even across multiple companies and countries. Avoid too many internal calls and messages, and get the big picture immediately.

Get smarter thanks to analytics

Turn data from your portal into information that helps you better understand your trade partners and supports your decision-making.

Reduce noise, increase results

Say bye to repetitive and time-consuming tasks that keep you from making a difference. The portal easily connects to almost any web service (such as CRMs, ERPs, etc.), allowing you to optimize time and efforts, so you can focus on what matters.














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