Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the services offered by Kemiex?

Kemiex is the independent digital solution to buy and sell raw materials and to be informed about Feed, Food, Vet and Pharma industries. Our services are currently clearly split in 3 main solutions:

  1. Marketplace: Where companies can buy and sell the products. The marketplace is formed by companies from all around the world, who have been reviewed in order to ensure reliability
  2. Insights: Market information to understand relevant events in the market and react.
  3. Private Portals: Custom-branded software to reach new horizons in the purchasing and sales processes of a company. With the PrivatePortal, companies can have full control of procurement (buyers) or sales (sellers)

How is business done in Kemiex?

Business in Kemiex is done via transactions agreed between parties (buyers and sellers).
A trade can be generated in 2 ways:

  1. An enquiry or Product Request created by a buyer, to which sellers can submit their quotes privately and reach an agreement
  2. A proactie offer or Spot Offer from a seller, where pro-actively promotes the available goods, and buyers contact him to confirm the order

Does Kemiex buy or sell products?

No, we do not buy or sell any product ourselves. Kemiex is providing a safe environment for companies to buy and sell raw materials in a safe and reliable way, but does not intervene in the purchase or sale of any product.

Who can join Kemiex?

Kemiex is a B2B platform, and therefore it is only available for companies.
Any forward-thinking company that deals with ingredients in life-science industries (Pharma, Vet, Food, Feed, Cosmetics) will find in Kemiex a tool to increase its global reach and discover a new way of doing business.

What is the business model of Kemiex? (How does it make money?)

Kemiex does not take any commission AT ALL. Yes, you read this correctly!
No member, neither buyer nor seller, has to pay any commission for doing business via Kemiex.
Members pay a yearly flat fee that allows them to have unlimited access to the tool and its features. The features available can vary depending on the membership plan selected.
To know more about our membership plans, please get in touch and we will be happy to guide you through all the options.

How can I make sure business is safe in Kemiex? Is there any check?

In order to keep the highest quality standards, Kemiex reviews all new companies in 3 dimensions:

  1. Financial strength
  2. Quality certifications and processes
  3. Professional behavior

This ensures that buyers will receive the right product, and sellers will receive the payment correctly and on time. These checks also apply once companies have entered Kemiex, and can vary over time.

Does Kemiex intervene in transactions?

No, unless it's requested by the parties.
Kemiex allows companies to interact directly with each other. Communication happens directly between buyers and sellers, and our team does not have any involvement unless required by the counterparties.
When buyers place Product Requests, these will go directly to sellers, without any interference from Kemiex employees. At the same time, Quotes or Spot Offers from sellers will be automatically sent to the buyers directly.
This also applies when transactions are confirmed: Responsibility lies on both counterparties (payment is made from the buyer to the seller directly, and delivery is issued from the seller to the buyer directly) since they are the ones that are in charge.

Is Kemiex independent from the industry? Who is financially backing the project?

Yes, it is independent from the industry, and the fact that we do not buy or sell any product supports our objectivity vs. the market. Kemiex was founded by the management team and is currently backed by private individuals and investors that are unrelated and independent from the industry. This has been a key point to realize the vision of Kemiex: Transforming the way business is done and achieve a truely neutral marketplace where companies can do business safely.

Who can see my information in Kemiex?

Our team is aware of how sensitive information can be in these industries, and how important private conversations are. For this reason, Kemiex has been designed to digitally mirror negotiations in the exact same way that they would happen via traditional channels. This means that negotiations are private between buyers and sellers: A buyer can decide which sellers will receive (or not) a notification when a new Product Request is created. A quote from a seller can only be seen by the buyer that requested the product, and the negotiation between the parties is only available to these 2 parties.
When it comes to placing Product Requests or Spot Offers, the company decides whether to remain anonymous or to display the name of the company.
Additionally, companies can "blacklist" certain counterparties or even whole countries in order to completely block those counterparties.

For companies that want to have an extra level of control and customization, we offer our Private Portals for buyers and sellers. Contact us to know all about how you can take your operations to the next level

How are transactions confirmed?

When buyer and seller agree on the terms for a transaction, a document is automatically generated. This document, which we call our Confirmation of Transaction is a summary of all the agreed terms that are relevant for buyers and sellers to issue their internal documents (Invoice or Sales confirmation for seller, and Purchase order for buyer). This allows for all parties to have the same terms as reference and greatly reduces any potential misunderstandings and disputes compared to transactions agreed via traditional channels.

How can I negotiate via Kemiex?

Kemiex has been designed to mirror transactions in a digital way, without sacrificing the flexibility of traditional channels. This means that users can input their information to reach an agreement, and they can discuss or clarify any question during the negotiation. Kemiex has an integrated chat where companies can discuss and even exchange documentations prior to reaching a final agreement. In the same way than in traditional channels, both buyers and sellers can define a validity time for their offers, which allows them to avoid situations that could entail a contract breach.

What is the role of Atradius?

Atradius plays a key role in the correct operations of Kemiex. Their contribution to a smooth platform comes in two key aspects:

  1. All companies are reviewed financially in order to make sure only reliable companies will be able to operate inside Kemiex
  2. When conditions are favorable, sellers can decide to insure their transactions and therefore mitigate any potential risk of non-payment

As a consequence, counterparty risk is greatly reduce when operating in Kemiex, which translates in 0% non-payments in the platform since it went life in 2018.

Which type of transactions happen in Kemiex?

Kemiex has been designed to support all transactions existing in the market. This means that companies can agree spot transactions in opportunistic occasions, but they can also close long-term transactions, either in pre-arranged multiple deliveries or in call-offs over a certain period of time. With regards to the products, they can be any raw materials / ingredients from the Food, Feed, Pharma and Vet industries as a core, but also others like Cosmetics or Flavors & Fragrances.

Is the Marketplace solution an online directory of companies?

No. Although there are thousands of members in Kemiex, the platform is designed to be much more than that. We provide a solution that allows you not only to find reliable counterparties, but also to directly buy and sell raw materials, without having to spend your time researching online. All companies in Kemiex pass an onboarding process where our team makes sure every company is reliable and professional. With Kemiex you don't need to worry about anything else than your business.

Is the Insights solution a way to see customs data?

No. Kemiex is basing its Strategic market data and price trends on the trade activity from users, and it's solely provided to its users for informational purposes. Our proprietary data model aims to track historic prices of comparable, global bulk transactions. Additionally, our systems collect news and relevant events in the industry which support our users to be updated in real time.

Who is using Kemiex? Can I know the name of some existing users?

You can find some examples of customers in our main page (right below the laptop image) you can find more detail about specific customer experiences in our testimonials page.

Can I get a trial account?

No. Kemiex provides a premium environment to its users where all members go through an onboarding approval that entails multiple checks to ensure highest quality standards. Such checks take place when a company joins Kemiex, and for this reason it is not possible to have a trial account. The full value of the tool is obtained over a longer period of time, which can't be seen during a short trial. Our team provides periodic support and training to ensure all elements of the platform are understood and used properly, and these sessions take place over time.
If you would like to see how the tool works, our team will be glad to show you real time during a demo.

Do you have questions that were not resolved so far?

Contact us and our team will provide you the answer you are looking for.

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