Thanks to Kemiex we have connected with high caliber customers in a very efficient way
Giorgio Reali, BD Manager Europe
Arshine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

We discuss with Giorgio Reali, Business Development Manager for Europe in Arshine Pharmaceutical, a very important player in the pharma, food, vet and feed industries based in China, about his experience in Kemiex since he joined in early 2021.

How did you find out about Kemiex and what convinced you to join?

I am the person in charge of the Business Development efforts of Arshine in Europe, so it's my job to be informed and understand what is happening in the industry. When looking for tools that would allow me to have reliable information available, I found out about Kemiex.

After having a call with the team, I was immediately hooked by its innovative approach to enable business via a digital channel, while respecting and protecting existing business relations, which are crucial in our industry. Additionally, it was very comforting to see the level of the companies from all around the world that are active members, so we decided to become members.

What's your impression so far? Is it worth the investment?

Since we started using the tool, we have been able to establish contact with many well-known companies from different countries. Via the platform, we managed to not only start some relationship with prospects that have converted into orders, but also reignite old relationships with multiple customers that were lost over time.

As the Kemiex team mentioned during our initial talks, being in Kemiex is very similar to a gym membership, so it's entirely up to the client to make use of the tools available and obtain the return. Considering the potential of the tool, I decided to maximize usage in order to maximize the return of my investment. Personally, as the representative in Europe, it allows me to connect with good companies from most European countries.

So far, I can confirm that in less than 6 months we have amortized the investment for the whole year, and also started new relationships with customers that will hopefully materialize in the near future.

How is Kemiex helping companies like yours? Does Covid influence your answer?

As a company with presence in Europe but rooted in China, we have great access to high quality product from the best manufacturers at great terms. This allows us to meet our customers' needs in a way that few competitors can. Given such competitive advantage, we are always looking for new ways to connect with customers globally, and Kemiex so far has overperformed other platforms we tried in the past.

The pandemic changed the rules of the game in a way that very few could have predicted 2 years ago, and in Arshine we decided to proactively tackle this challenge and adapt to the new situation, focusing more on digital channels and platforms like Kemiex in order to efficiently capture new business regardless of travel restrictions.

Kemiex allows us to leverage our expertise and reach high caliber companies from all around the world in a very efficient way. The high quality of companies has allowed us to find new business partners that bring regular business to us. Most of these relationships were generated during a time where travelling and physical meetings were not possible.

Company information

Arshine is a high-tech company from China which is engaged in the sourcing and export of more than 2000 raw materials across life-science, including pharmaceutical raw materials, veterinary raw materials, food additives, natural raw materials, feed additives, cosmetics additives and intermediates. The group was founded in Shenzhen in 2007 and has grown to more than USD 130mn of exports in 2020. The group also has established branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, as well as a number of overseas offices, and clients in over 90 countries globally.


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