Thanks to Kemiex we have found new clients and decided to expand our presence in Europe to meet the growing demand
Mehul Shah, Founder director
Shah TC

Our team had the pleasure to have a chat with Mr. Mehul Shah, Founder director of Shah TC, India's leading international pharmaceutical marketing company for APIs and other products in life-science. Mr. Shah shares his thoughts on the use of Kemiex:

What were the decision factors to join Kemiex?

Shah TC is a modern organisation, always looking for new opportunities and methods to improve how we work in order to keep growing. Our main goal when contacting Kemiex was to identify an online platform where we could sell our products and stablish long-term relationships with new partners globally, with focus in new markets, and this is exactly what Kemiex brought us.

How is it going so far? What would you highlight about the tool?

We joined Kemiex in early 2020 and have been part of the development of the tool since then.

When we started, the platform was offering one solution: the Marketplace. Since then, they have been introducing new features based on customer feedback, and have developed the entire Insights offering from scratch, which is something that is benefitting our teams and our business strategy. Thanks to the insights in Kemiex, we are now up-to-date about the evolution of prices, important news about our sector globally, in a completely impartial and very quick manner.

In the last few months, they have also launched Trade Flows which is proving to be extremely useful to understand market dynamics at a global level in a neutral and very dynamic way.

The close contact with the Kemiex team, the continuous improvement of the solution, and their efforts to accommodate our needs is something that we really appreciate as members.

Would you say it was a worthy investment to join Kemiex?

I have to admit that back in 2020 it took me and my team a few months to get used to it, but yes, the investment in Kemiex is definitely yielding results when you use it correctly. Being persistent using the platform, and leveraging the know-how of the Kemiex team, allowed us to comfortably obtain return on the investment, not just by doing new business with new customers from 3 different continents (which is very important for us), but also via the valuable information that Kemiex provides.

On expanding our business: with Kemiex we have expanded our customer base globally, with special focus on Europe, where we have to meet relevant players that started collaborating with us to distribute our products around several countries. This was partially thanks to the commitment and support of the Kemiex team, who really cared about us and our specific needs, always going one step further than a commercial agreement, and without expecting anything in return.

On market information: with the growing offering of market information, we are now more aware of the most relevant events in our industry, and have access to information that we did not have before, such as the exclusive reports and the dynamic charts built by the team.

Last but not least, we have made several sales since we joined the platform, proving that Kemiex had a positive impact in our company's results. This helps us to keep growing as a company with global aspirations in a very scalable way.

Do you think it would make sense for a company to join Kemiex?

If a company is committed to exploring digitalisation and wants to grow, I would recommend to join the platform.”

When joining Kemiex, they’ll find:

  • Many companies and opportunities to do business world-wide

  • Reliable and impartial insights about the food, feed, vet and pharma industries

  • Dedicated account managers that will provde support anytime regarding any topic

  • Optimization of repetitive tasks and team coordination

Company information

Shah TC, with more than 2 decades of experience, is India's leading international pharmaceutical distribution and marketing company for APIs and other life-science products. The company has its Head Office in India and an international office in Hangzhou (China) to support clients. Their expertise is to source and distribute pharmaceutical raw materials from India & China to end users, distributors & traders located globally. They work with overseas pharmaceuticals manufacturers of Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients and intermediates. Their specialization is also in registering overseas supplier APIs in India (highest number of API registrations with CDSCO in India), providing regulatory support and distributing the products registered by them on behalf of their overseas partners.


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