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2022 Accidents and disruptions in the Food Industry

In this article, we will delve into the notable accidents and disruptions that occurred in the food industry during 2022 and examine the industry’s response to mitigate their impacts. Disclaimer: These are just a few selected examples of the news we share with our members during 2022. If you also want to be the first to know and have unbiased information in record time Click here.

2022 Accidents and disruptions in the Food Industry

Below are some of the most important Accidents and disruptions in the Food industry we reported to our customers during 2022:

1. Vitamin C: DSM temporarily reduces production

DSM announced a major reduction of the Vitamin C production in China. It will re-evaluate a ramp up in 2023 after Chinese New Year. The Quali-C™ production in Dalry, Scotland, is not impacted. Allocation procedures were activated across the global DSM network. _05/DEC/2022 _

2. Symrise chemical plant rocked by explosions, fire

Neighbourhoods in southeastern Georgia were ordered to evacuate Monday as multiple explosions were reported at a Symrise chemical plant outside of Brunswick. The company has invested to expand this plant in previous years. _07/NOV/2022 _

3. Sucralose: plant accident and fire at Anhui Jinhe Industrial

According to news reports, a building of chemical company Anhui Jinhe Industrial based in Chuzhou city caught fire. The accident caused the death of one maintenance inspector and no injured being reported. A company announcement confirms that except for the 5’000 t/a Sucralose plant that has been shut down, the 3’000 t/a Sucralose and other facilities are running normally for the time being. _04/NOV/2022 _

4. Adisseo adjusts Methionine, Vitamin A production in Europe

Adisseo management announced that the Dl-Methionine production would be temporarily stopped at its Commentry site by the end of the month, due to an increase of energy and raw material costs, as well as demand stagnation. This plant represents more than 10% of European Methionine capacity. _28/OCT/2022 _

5. Fertilizer: Yara curtails European output, warns of more

Norwegian fertilizer producer Yara reported 3Q 2022 ammonia output dropping to 57% of its capacity in Europe, from 81% in 2Q 2022. It warned that output could collapse to about 35% if natural gas prices stay elevated in winter. _21/OCT/2022 _

6. Vitamin C: DSM gives all-clear after fire in Jiangshan plant

A chemical factory in China’s Jiangsu province caught fire on Sept 1, 2022. There were video coverage and unofficial market reports overnight suggesting that the factory affected was DSM Jiangshan Pharmaceutical (Jiangshan plant), a major producer of Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid). _02/SEP/2022 _

7. Floods: heavy rains in Henan province

China’s province of Henan and Yellow River area saw heavy rains and floods causing a death toll of over 33, as well as disruptions to water and power supply. _22/JUL/2022 _

8. Amino acids plant in France down after accident

METabolic EXplorer (METEX) informed about a force majeure situation due to a leakage of hydrochloric acid in its Amiens site (L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine, L-Lysine, L-Threonine, L-Tryptophan, L-Valine), which it recently acquired from Ajinomoto. _26/MAY/2022 _ Here are some other examples we reported during 2021:

9. NHU Shangyu base ordered to shut down

According to local media reports, NHU’s Shangyu site was ordered by local authorities to shut down the site in Hangzhou Bay Shangyu E&T Development Zone in the northeast of Zhejiang province. The cities of Shaoxing and Ningbo are affected by a rise in COVID-19 cases. The company however did not issue an official statement and impact assessment of the situation as it is still under evaluation. _10/DEC/2021 _

10. China: Hebei’s Langfang in lockdown, home to major amino acids producer

Hebei’s Langfang City imposed strict control measures for traffic. The headquarters of Meihua Holding Group Co., Ltd. based in Langfang is said to have withdrawn some market offers as its administrative employees are in home office. Factories located in other regions shall not be affected. _13/JAN/2021 _

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