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Market intelligence platform and trade network

Market Radar is a set of tools that actively detect and track market signals. Get real-time awareness of news,
prices and trends.

Market Radar: detect and track market signals, in the feed and food industries

Market News

Crucial information at your fingertips

Save time browsing the internet for news from all around the world. 
Get real-time market insights, verified with multiple sources, about relevant events in the industry.

Thanks to our neutral position in the industry, our analysts collect and analyse market information and vast amounts of data, turning it into easy-to-read reports.

Trade Flows

Gain insights into the dynamics of international commerce

Our platform offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for navigating import and export volumes and prices. Are listed trade activities about multiple sources and destinations, and about dozens of products.

Understanding import/export volumes and prices is pivotal for businesses seeking growth and expansion opportunities. Trade Flows acts as a radar, guiding supply teams through the complexities of international trade.

Price Benchmarks

Negotiate spot prices for additives with crowdsourced quantitative data

In the fast-paced and dynamic feed industry, obtaining accurate and up-to-date price information is pivotal for making informed decisions timely.

That’s where Price Benchmarks step in, improving the negotiation process by providing a reliable reference point for feed and food industry professionals.

With Price Benchmarks you can compare products prices from crowdsourced submissions that will make your negotiation process easier and more transparent. We cover the real current prices of more than 16 amino acids and vitamins.

Supply Map

Easy-to-use curated map 
of global suppliers

Uncover vitamin and amino acid producers worldwide. With an easy-to-use map its possible to locate suppliers per region.

React to disruptions and expand your supplier network for better sourcing opportunities.

Elevate your supply chain strategy now.

Trade Network

Reliable and compliant access to suppliers and buyers globally

As part of our commitment to maintaining a secure and reputable platform, we have established a collaborative partnership with Atradius and SGS. Through this alliance, we implement a rigorous screening process for every company seeking to join our platform.

Discover a premium network of 2,500+ vetted members worldwide, granting you direct access to exclusive opportunities.

Trade Flows

Import/export data for +55 countries and +140 products

Navigate through aggregated import and export volumes and prices on a global scale and make well-informed decisions.

Supply Map

+1’200 Manufacturers

Supply Map boasts a global list of manufacturers meticulously curated by our team of experts. This comprehensive directory can be easily filtered based on country, product, or company name.

Trade Network

USD +4.5bn
in Negotiations

A global network of verified counterparties to trade raw materials safely. We partnered with Atradius and SGS, global leaders in their fields, to create a safe environment for trade.

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Luis Eduardo Pimenta

Senior Purchaser

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The 30 busiest ports in the world.

The 30 busiest ports in the world.

Sea transport is a crucial component of global goods transportation, with ports playing a vital role. According to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), over 90% of global trade is conducted…
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Animal Nutrition: Mega trends 2024

Animal Nutrition: Mega trends 2024

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Infographic: Exports L-Threonine China to World

Infographic: Exports L-Threonine China to World

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Market Report: China exports of 19 key ingredients in 1Q 2024

Market Report: China exports of 19 key ingredients in 1Q 2024

The first quarter of 2024 has shown major changes in export quantities from China as compared to 2023 when China re-opened from COVID-19.
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