Webinar ‘Making Sense of China’s Economy’ with Tao Wang, FT Best Economics Books and Chief China Economist at UBS. 🧑‍💻 Watch the replay


Empowering the food industry to stay updated on trends and make informed purchasing choices

Kemiex is a all in one purchasing, sales and market information solution for the food industry.

Real-time data to empower procurement teams in the human nutrition industry


Gain clarity on the food market and make smarter buying decisions today

Experience market clarity that empowers you to make smarter buying decisions. Our data-driven insights provide the edge you need to stay ahead in in the fodo industry.

Procurement teams in the food industry rely on Kemiex’ expertise and data-driven analysis to confidently navigate the market. With a clear understanding of trends and opportunities, you can make informed choices for optimal business outcomes.


Intel on the food industry so you can price strategically and increase global exposure

Access vital intelligence on the ever-evolving food industry, empowering strategic pricing decisions. Leverage market insights to expand your global presence and seize new growth opportunities effectively.

Gain comprehensive insights into every stage of the supply chain, from sourcing raw materials to delivering the final products. Increased visibility empowers you to ensure compliance, anticipate disruptions and increase operational efficiency.


Market intel for smarter buying and selling decisions

As a food industry trader, Market Radar equips you with
the edge needed for smarter buying and selling decisions. Stay informed about supply, demand, and pricing dynamics, enabling smarter trade strategies.

Navigate the market confidently with data-backed insights. From identifying lucrative deals to optimizing your product offerings, our intel empowers you to seize opportunities and maximize profitability in the food industry.

Providing data-driven insights
 to 2000+ customers in 70+ countries

“The Kemiex Private Purchasing Portal is helping our group companies to become more agile and scalable, while improving our supplier partnerships and client service level.”

Andreu Pintaluba

General Manager

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Whether you want to digitalise your procurement processes, enhance supply chain transparency or have intel for the right purchasing decision, Kemiex can help with that.

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Webinar: Making Sense of China's Economy with Tao Wang

Webinar: Making Sense of China's Economy with Tao Wang

Making Sense of China’s Economy with Tao Wang – Author FT Best Economics Books 2023, Chief China Economist at UBS Investment Bank. Watch the replay of our online fireside chat…
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