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2022 Accidents and disruptions in the Vet & Pharma Industries

In this article, we will delve into the notable accidents and disruptions that occurred in the veterinary and pharmaceutical industries during 2022, shedding light on the industry’s response to overcome these challenges.

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2022 Accidents and disruptions in the Vet & Pharma Industries

Below are some of the most important accidents and disruptions in the Vet & Pharma industries we reported to our customers during 2022:

1. Prostaglandins: EUROAPI temporarily suspends production amid GMP deficiencies

During an internal assessment, Sanofi’s spin-out of its pharma ingredients, EUROAPI, identified some GMP deficiencies related to documentation management. EUROAPI proactively decided to pause batch release and as a second step to temporarily suspend prostaglandin production.


2. China: explosions at API producer Topfond Pharmaceutical

Explosions and fires occurred at facilities of Tianfang Pharmaceutical Factory in Zhumadian. The fire brigade dispatched more than a dozen fire trucks. According to video footage released in Chinese media, the damage appears signficiant, while no injuries were reported to date.


3. Europe: TEVA position paper highlights dangers in APIs

Pharmaceutical giant TEVA noted that energy costs are undermining recent initiatives to boost medicines production in Europe that aim to make the region more self-sufficient. Reportedly, TEVA sources 40% of APIs from its European sites, while the rest is outsourced.


4. India: blast at specialty chemicals producer Anupam Rasayan

The blaze erupted around 10.30 PM on September 10 in the Anupam Rasayan India Limited factory located in Sachin Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) area with a massive blast in a container storing hazardous chemicals. Four people died and 20 were injured.


5. India: chemical explosion at Hindys Lab

Seven workers were injured in an explosion at a chemical factory in Telangana’s Nalgonda district. The incident took place at Hindys Lab Private Limited, a processor of polymers, peroxide, phosphates, solvents and acids.

The explosion caused a massive fire in the plant. Thick smoke spread throughout the area.


6. Chemical accidents in Shangyu and Ruicheng

An expansion site of Zhejiang Menovo Pharmaceutical Chemical (APIs and intermediates, CDMO), a subsidiary of exchange listed Meinova Group, reportedly caught fire in a solvent recovery workshop.


7. COVID-19 lockdown in Anyang, northern Henan province

A third Chinese city has locked down its residents because of a COVID-19 outbreak, raising the number confined to their homes in China to about 20 million people.


Here are some other examples we reported during 2021:

8. Shangyu lockdown affects API factories

Enterprises in Zhejiang’s Shangyu district (Shaoxing) and Zhenhai district (Ningbo) were ordered to shut down for COVID-19 prevention from Dec 9th. Roads are blocked as of today. The length and impact of the shutdown to manufacturing of critical raw materials remains unclear.


9. Vitamins: BASF declares force majeure on intermediates

According to reports, a local fire occured at a BASF plant in Ludwigshafen on August 7th, 11.48pm. The plant was shut down immediately and investigations are ongoing.

On August 10, BASF declared force majeure on three alcoholate products Sodium methylate (Sodium methoxide), Potassium methylate and Sodium ethylate.


10. Floods: heavy rains impacting Handan, Hebei province

Heavy rains caused unprecedented human and property damage in China’s province of Henan and Yellow River area the previous days. According to media reports, heavy rains passed from Henan to Handan and Minghe River area, Hebei province, causing significant floodings and damages.


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