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2022 Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in the Vet & Pharma Industries

In 2022, the veterinary and pharmaceutical industries witnessed a flurry of M&A activities, as companies aimed to enhance their capabilities, strengthen product portfolios, and foster collaboration. In this article, we will delve into notable M&A transactions that occurred in the veterinary and pharmaceutical industries during 2022. Disclaimer: These are just a few selected examples of the news we share with our members during 2022. If you also want to be the first to know and have unbiased information in record time Click here.

Introduction to 2022 Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

The year 2022 witnessed several high-profile M&A transactions in the industries, as companies sought to strengthen their market positions, expand their geographic presence, and enhance their product portfolios. Among the significant M&A deals were:

1. Pintaluba Group acquires Lek Veterina

According to company sources, Pintaluba Group has acquired Slovenian’s Lek Veterina, a supplier of premixes and supplements for the animal nutrition & health industries. With this acquisition, Pintaluba Group is expanding the activities in the Balkan and Central and Eastern Europe areas. Lek Veterina, recorded EUR 10m turnover in 2021. Pintaluba Group had a turnover of EUR 32Om in 2021. _11/NOV/2022 _

2. USA: Barentz acquires Viachem

Barentz International announced that it has acquired Viachem, a specialty distributor of life science ingredients, food additives and specialty chemicals. By combining a dedicated market research function and digitally enabled sales & marketing capabilities, Viachem represents a market growth engine for Barentz and its principal suppliers. The team will continue to be led by Mike Efting, Viachem’s President & Founder, and offices will remain in Plano, TX and Augusta, GA. _07/OCT/2022 _

3. Italy: Azelis acquires Eurotrading

Azelis, a specialty chemicals and food ingredients distributor, announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of Eurotrading S.p.A, a distributor of specialty chemicals to the personal care market in Italy. Eurotrading’s product portfolio in actives, emollients and emulsifiers further enhances Azelis’ value chain and strengthens the group’s domestic market position. Founded in 1996, Eurotrading has developed into a leading Italian distributor of personal care raw materials (skin care, sun care, fragrances and hair care). The company provides formulations to ~500 customers, leveraging an application laboratory near Padova. Eurotrading’s team of more than 30 technical staff will join Azelis. The transaction is expected to close in the 4th quarter. _05/OCT/2022 _

4. Actylis integrates distributor Aceto and 10 acquired specialists

Actylis, a global manufacturer and sourcing expert of critical raw materials and performance ingredients for life sciences and specialty chemicals combines Aceto and 10 industry specialists into an integrated ingredient player. Actylis has integrated leading specialty ingredient manufacturing and sourcing companies, including A&C, A&C Bio Buffer, Aceto, Biotron Laboratories, Cascade Chemistry, Finar, Inter-Actifs, IsleChem, Pharma Waldhof, Syntor Fine Chemicals and Talus into one company. _29/SEP/2022 _

5. Antibiotics: Novartis to spin-off and list Sandoz

Novartis today announced its intention to separate Sandoz, its generics, antibiotics and biosimilars division into a new publicly traded standalone company, by way of a 100% spin-off. The standalone Sandoz would be headquartered in Switzerland and listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, with an American Depositary Receipt (ADR) program in the US. _25/AUG/2022 _

6. Antibiotics: Novartis considers IPO of generics unit Sandoz

Swiss pharma giant Novartis AG is considering a spinoff of its generic-drug unit Sandoz via initial public offering (IPO), as a challenging environment for leveraged buyouts makes a potential sale to private equity more difficult. A spokesman for Novartis said work on the strategic review continues to progress and the Basel-based company will provide an update by year-end. _04/JUL/2022 _

7. Switzerland: DKSH acquires Refarmed Group

DKSH has announced the acquisition of Swiss Refarmed Group today. With this transaction, DKSH Performance Materials significantly expands its capabilities in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Finished Dosage Forms (FDFs) for generic drug manufacturers. This includes the sourcing of the ingredients as well as providing technical and regulatory support. Headquartered in Switzerland, Refarmed’s team of pharmaceutical experts serves approximately 300 customers across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Refarmed generates net sales of over CHF 60m. _27/JUN/2022 _

8. Brazil: Caldic acquires Active Pharmaceutica Ltda.

Caldic B.V. today announced the acquisition of Active Pharmaceutica Ltda., a pharma distribution company in the Brazil to increase its focus on life science and accelerate growth in Latin America. Since its foundation in 2007, Active Pharmaceutica has been engaged in the import, fractioning and distribution of ingredients. With operations in the Southeast and South of Brazil, the company is one of the largest players in the region, offering a diversified portfolio of hormones, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. _23/JUN/2022 _

9. Latin America: Procaps Group acquires Grupo Somar

Procaps Group, a leading integrated LatAm healthcare and pharmaceutical conglomerate, entered into an agreement to acquire Grupo Somar (including Grupo Farmacéutico Somar and Química y Farmacia and, Gelcaps and related entities) from Advent International. Grupo Somar is an integrated pharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing, and marketing high-quality branded generic, private label and OTC products targeted to the private market and offering CDMO services across key market segments in Mexico. _19/MAY/2022 _

10. China’s Pharmaron acquires European API manufacturing facility from Recipharm

Pharmaron Beijing Co., Ltd. has acquired Aesica Pharmaceuticals Limited site from Recipharm Group. The Cramlington site in Newcastle, United Kingdom, has an established history of cGMP manufacturing services for an array of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), ranging from pilot scale to commercial metric ton scale. The Cramlington Site has more than 100 cubic meter reactor commercial capacity and has been inspected and approved by the MHRA, FDA and other regulatory authorities. _10/JAN/2022 _

Conclusion of 2022 M&A in the Food Industry:

The 2022 M&A activities in the veterinary and pharmaceutical industries highlighted the drive for growth, innovation, and collaboration among companies. The strategic acquisitions made by worldwide companies showcased their commitment to expanding product portfolios, accessing new technologies, and strengthening their positions in the market. By combining resources, expertise, and research capabilities, these companies aimed to advance the development of innovative therapies, improve animal and human healthcare, and address unmet medical needs. The 2022 Mergers and Acquisitions in the veterinary and pharmaceutical industries set the stage for continued advancements and collaborations, promising a future of enhanced healthcare solutions and improved patient outcomes.

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