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2022 Plant expansions in the Food Industry

In 2022, several companies in the food industry embarked on significant plant expansion projects to meet the increasing demand for food products. In this article, we will take a closer look at the 2022 plant expansion of companies in the food industry.

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Introduction to 2022 expansion projects

The food industry is constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing demands and preferences of consumers. In 2022, several major players in the food industry embarked on ambitious plant expansion projects to enhance their production capabilities and better cater to the growing needs of the market. These expansions not only signify the industry’s commitment to innovation but also present exciting opportunities for growth and improved efficiency.

In this article, we will delve into some notable plant expansions that took place in the food industry during 2022.

1. Beta-carotene: Zhejiang Pharma’s 600 t/a renovation and expansion project

Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (ZMC, Changhai Biological Branch) plans a technical transformation and expansion project resulting in 600 t/a Carotenoids capacity (from 170 t/a).


2. Vitamin E: Beisha Pharmaceutical finalized a technological upgrade project for Vitamin E

Jilin Beisha Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. finalized a US$ 21m technological upgrade project for Vitamin E in 2022, increasing Vitamin E oil capacity to 9’000 t/a.


3. Xylose: 60’000 t/a expansion projects

Puyang Guomi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. reportedly has achieved the completion acceptance for a transformation and expansion project with an output of 20’000 t/a Xylose.

Nanle Shengjiu Sugar Alcohol Technology Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Henan Yuxin Sugar Alcohol, the 2nd largest Xylitol manufacturer globally) has published an environmental impact report for a renovation and expansion project with a capacity of 40’000 t/a Xylose.


4. Tianxin’s Vitamin A, B5 and D3 expansion in trial production

According to a company spokesman, Jiangxi Tianxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has reached pilot testing stage for its 7’000 t/a Vitamin B5, 1’000 t/a Vitamin A, 350 t/a Cholesterol and 6 t/a 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 expansion.

Earlier 2022 it also expressed plans to invest US$ 580m into a 125’000 t/a fine chemicals project located in Ningxia province. The main products include BDO series (1,4-Butanediol), Citral and Alpha-Tocopherol acetate (Vitamin E). The facility will employ more than 1’000 people.


5. L-Aspartic acid: Hebei Think-Do plans 500 t/a expansion

Hebei Synergy Chemical Co., Ltd. (‘Hebei Think Do’) has publicly announced a 500 t/a L-Aspartic acid construction project located in Hebei province.


6. Inositol: Sichuan Bohaoda nears completion of 10’000 t/a project

Sichuan Bohaoda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. reportedly has completed about 90% of its new 10’000 t/a enzymatic Inositol production line in Sichuan province. The construction works of the ~USD 70m project are expected to finish by year-end.

The first phase for 3’000 t/a was completed in 2020, and in early 2023 it will achieve a total of 10’000 t/a pharmaceutical, food and feed grade capacity.


7. Vitamins: Xinfa plans factory upgrades in Kenli district

Xinfa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. plans a new construction project targeting the integration and upgrading for some of its vitamin chains in its factory area, and partially using existing workshops for D-Calcium pantothenate (Vitamin B5), Folic acid (Vitamin B9) and others, in Shandong province.

After a transformation will be completed the annual production capacity will be 3’000 t/a Vitamin A acetate and 1’000 t/a Vitamin AD3 granules with higher product quality and lower production costs.


8. Vitamin B6: Shengda announces expansion for APIs

Zhejiang Shengda Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. published an environmental impact assessment report for the ~US$ 59m expansion of 1’500 t/a Vitamin B6, 11’704 t/a by-product disodium hydrogen phosphate, 20 t/a Perindopril intermediates, 20 t/a Remipril, 50 t/a Sigliptin, 60 t/a of fat-soluble derivative of Vitamin B1.


9. BBCA’s project for 20’000 t/a L-Alanine, 10’000 t/a Sodium gluconate

The Guzhen County Ecological Environment Bureau published the environmental impact assessment report for a renovation project of Anhui Fengyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (‘BBCA’). The project is located in the existing factory area in Anhui province.

The company plans to carry out technical transformation to achieve a capacity of 20’000 t/a L-Alanine and 10’000 t/a Sodium gluconate.


10. Erythritol: Xiangchi Jianyuan’s 20’000 t/a expansion nears completion

As reported in May 2021, Shandong Xiangchi Jianyuan Biotech Co., Ltd. (Shandong Scents), a company specialised in processing of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), announced a 20’000 t/a Erythritol expansion project located in Shandong province.


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