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Animal Nutrition: Mega trends 2024

Addressing the impact of Growing Population and Rising Standards of Living on Animal Agriculture

The animal nutrition ingredients market, encompassing additives and premix, currently stands at USD 23.5 billion. Moving forward, it is projected to witness a steady growth of 3-4%. This growth trajectory is expected to be fueled by several prominent trends that warrant attention. These trends have the potential to reshape the animal feed market and create new opportunities for industry stakeholders.

This infographic addresses the impact of Growing Population and Rising Standards of Living on Animal Agriculture, providing valuable insights into the dynamic market landscape.

Meeting Future Food Needs

As the global population grows to over 9 billion by 2050, there’s a pressing need to produce more food while using resources more efficiently. This means improving agricultural practices to get more food from less land, all while keeping food affordable for consumers and profitable for farmers.

Nutritional Benefits of Animal Products

Meat, fish, milk, and eggs are rich sources of protein, iron, zinc, and B vitamins, essential for a balanced diet and overall health that an individual needs.

Meeting Demand Amidst Sustainability Concerns

Animal feeds play a crucial role in producing safe, plentiful, and affordable animal proteins worldwide, supporting food security and sustainability

Download the infographic now and stay informed about key trends shaping the feed industry.