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Exclusive Report: Current State of Raw Materials

Kemiex conducted a survey among our customers to gain insights into the current state of raw materials. In a challenging year for food and feed, the data collected from industry professionals provides invaluable perspectives on the outlook for our industries in 2023 and beyond. The “Current State of Raw Materials Report” shed light on the main raw material categories purchased, sold, or analyzed by our customers.

Survey Insights: An Overview

The report uncovered valuable insights into the pressing priorities driving the raw materials industry forward. The results, while comprehensive, demonstrate the complexity and diversity of our field. From streamlining operations to pursuing opportunities for growth, professionals like you are striving for success.

The findings reveal how a significant percentage of respondents are focusing on efficiency, aiming to optimize their operations and maximize productivity. Growth is also a central concern, with many industry players seeking expansion into new markets. Sustainability, a critical aspect of responsible business practices, has emerged as a priority for a notable portion of our respondents as well.

Roles within the industry are diverse, encompassing manufacturers, premixers, formulators, end-users, traders, distributors, and more. Each role contributes to the intricate web that sustains our industry, highlighting the interconnectedness and collaborative nature of our work.

Download the full report

To gain a deeper understanding of the survey findings, download the full report. It offers a comprehensive analysis of the industry’s current landscape, helping you stay ahead of the curve. Click the button below to access the full report and unlock valuable insights that will support your decision-making processes.