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DCAT panel discussion on pharma and chemical industry supply chain

Our partner Stefan Schmidinger on industry trends and benefits of the pioneering KEMIEX marketplace offering liquidity, price discovery and execution to spot market buyers, dealers and manufacturers.

What is the role of an agent / trader in the today’s global pharmaceutical industry?

KEMIEX is the future of exchanging generic raw materials between buyers and sellers on the global spot market. It uses a business model and technology that has been used in other industries for years, but customized in a way that it meets strict regulatory requirements in pharma, vet and food industries. It is

substantially more efficient, charges lower intermediation fees and offers additional benefits such as identity protection and instant access to a large and quality-approved network of counterparties.

A traditional agent or voice broker typically searches products for buyers through a human network of suppliers against payment of a substantial commission. Traders or dealers also buy ingredients on stock, offer in-depth product advice and generally take more responsibility in the supply chain.

Where can you add value to the pharmaceutical supply chain for your principals and for your customers?

Highest added value is for buyers in opportunistic situations, where raw materials cannot be accessed directly, or for nonstrategic products where efficiency matters most. Especially in small to mid-sized procurement teams, or labs and CMOs where purchasing might not be an established function.

Another benefit are market and pricing insights that help to take better purchasing decisions. This is partly possible thanks to our unprecedented partnership with Dutch credit insurance ATRADIUS which offers financial insights and new insurance solutions exclusively to our members.

What are the challenges for your business in times of internet, datarooms, clouds and emerging markets?

KEMIEX is the first online trading network and platform that takes advantage of all these trends, to offer global buyers and sellers of raw materials a safe, efficient and convenient trading experience.

We are very aware that the pharmaceutical and chemical industries are rapidly going digital and are committed to contribute in that transition with our solution.

In which area is your company involved?

KEMIEX is a premium trade network enabling safe and efficient trade through its pioneering trading platform for buyers and sellers in pharma, but also in veterinary, and human and animal nutrition industries.

We carefully select the companies that enter into Kemiex through our Onboarding and Monitoring process, to ensure that only reliable companies are part of our network.

This allows companies to become instantly connected to a global network of reliable counterparties that are compliant with latest regulations and quality controls, facilitating safe trade execution. Additionally, Kemiex helps companies to reduce transaction lead times, achieve more competitive prices and stay in full control of their trading activity from A to Z.

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