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How Kemiex ensures you trade with creditworthy companies

Through our global cooperation with Atradius, world-leading credit insurance provider, we enable safe and sustainable trade for all users of the Kemiex platform by jointly providing the following solutions: * Onboarding vetting: Atradius reviews all companies during their onboarding to the platform. This vetting considers information and algorithms typically used for “KYC” and credit limit underwriting. The aim is to filter out those companies that lack sufficient credit worthiness and financial stability – thereby increasing security and trust in the platform and achieving a premium environment that protects members. * Monitoring and off-boarding: Once a company is onboarded, Atradius provides continuous monitoring service to check for any negative developments that may trigger a review of the rating, or even off-boarding. * Credit Ratings: Atradius assesses the creditworthiness of all companies and shares credit ratings which are expressed as a “five-star-classification” representing the financial strength. This rating is combined with the Kemiex quality rating and the Kemiex trade-behavioural rating, which combined form an overall 5-star rating that is visible during the (anonymous) trading process. * Credit Insurance (CI): The CI offering on the Kemiex platform is split between sellers who are already insured with Atradius, and those who are not. Sellers who are already insured with Atradius will see whether a buyer can be covered under their existing whole turnover policy. Sellers who are not Atradius clients or insured at all, will be offered a new and unprecedented solution, which consists of ensuring one single transaction during the negotiation, in one click.

More can be found in the book “Innovation in the European insurance industry” where thought leaders Dirk Hagener and André Düsing talk about combining traditional solutions with new technologies to create security and trust in specialized closed marketplaces.