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How Kemiex helps you navigate uncertainty in the Raw Materials industry

We live in exceptionally challenging times, with many elements that put pressure on the normal behavior of international markets. In this article, we explain how we help companies that active in the life-science Raw Materials industries, to handle uncertain markets.

Exceptional times require exceptional actions

We are currently at a difficult moment in history, where multiple factors have unravelled a very challenging situation globally: Sudden spike of inflation and interest rates, drastic increases in energy and commodity prices, putting pressure on demand, which is lower than before, and on producers, many of which were force to introduce contingency measures in the last months. The combination of these factors creates a complex situation full of uncertainty, as explained by Kemiex in this article from Feednavigator, which complexifies decision-making processes for companies.
Uncertainty can make it difficult to grow if there is no clear strategy or enough information available. This is why in Kemiex we are committed to helping companies to navigate these uncertain times. Our solutions are designed to facilitate transactions between reliable companies and to provide relevant information so companies can find out in a timely manner about market events that can influence their business strategy.

How Kemiex helps Buyers in difficult times:

Kemiex helps buyers to easily increase the network of potential suppliers, being able to find more than 6’000 products in a network of more than 2’500 companies globally. Especially during uncertain times, it can be difficult to find certain raw materials, which can lead to losses for the business (lower sales, panic-buying at high prices, being forced to stop production, etc.). Within Kemiex, you will find a large number of possible suppliers for more than 6’000 products, so you drastically increase the possibilities to find the products you are looking for.

How Kemiex helps Sellers in uncertain times:

Volatile markets can lead to difficulties finding clients. Having access to a network of leading companies globally (all of which verified) dramatically increases your chances to find the right buyers. Kemiex helps sellers to increase their visibility and their overall presence in reliable digital channels. By creating Spot Offers in Kemiex and by reacting to Requests from buyers, chances of selling will increase exponentially. During challenging times, risk of payment defaults and potential losses tend to increase. To avoid this, Kemiex reviews, together with Atradius, the financial viability of each company that joins the network, and offers trade credit insurance services when needed. This is one of the most important elements for sellers, as they can cover the risk of non-payment directly in the platform, offered by Kemiex in cooperation with Atradius.

How our information helps companies:

Price Trends

Thanks to the Price Trends you will be able to determine when it is a good time to buy or sell a product or if it is better to wait. uncertainty%20-%20price%20trends

Market News

Thanks to the Market News, you will be the first to know what is happening in the market, so you can react in a timely manner. All the news come from official and trustable sources, always showing the link to the original source. Additionally, our team publishes exclusive reports about relevant market events and global trends, only available to members. uncertainty%20-%20market%20news

Trade Flows

With Trade Flows you will be able to visualize and easily analyze official import-export flows for almost 100 products and multiple regions. uncertainty%20-%20trade%20flows

What our customers say about us:


About us:

Kemiex is a company founded in Zurich in 2017, with the aim to improve the handling of raw materials in the Feed, Food, Vet and Pharma industries. The vision of the founders, Oriol Saludes and Pau Franquet, is to create the first platform able to digitalise transactions in these traditional industries, connecting reliable buyers and sellers around the world and helping companies to grow.


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