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Kemiex 2022 Wrapped - Our Journey

Kemiex embarked on a big vision to transform how business is performed in the life-science industry.

Although we are mostly looking ahead, with our focus on the path and our eyes on the next milestone, we also enjoy taking a moment to look back at the progress achieved. And the new year is a great moment for that.

Now that 2023 has begun, we take a moment to revisit and process what we achieved during 2022, which was a challenging year for everyone. In Kemiex we have achieved even more than we were expecting. Here’s how the efforts of all our colleagues have borne fruit in several areas.

Here’s a short summary of our journey!

About our team

  • 13 new joiners
  • 23 team members
  • 5 offices
  • +7500 coffees consumed

As of 31.12.2022, we are a multicultural team of 23 members spread around the world in our 5 offices in Switzerland, Spain, Romania, Colombia and China. Our team grew significantly, with a total of 13 new joiners in 4 of the 5 locations. Someone could say it’s a bit difficult to have a coffee altogether, but that’s because they don’t know Kemiex yet, and how much our team enjoys a good coffee!

About our time together

Tarragona Off-site 2022

Last year we had the opportunity to celebrate a special event in Tarragona, with most of our team members from the different offices. It was a good opportunity to know better our colleagues and to do some networking; some of them even went out for a beer, but do not tell anyone


During this Off-Site Event, we did many activities and brainstormings to catch some fresh ideas and keep growing even better than in 2022.

We also like to visit our offices around the world!

During the year, we like to keep in touch with all our offices around the world on a more personal basis, so we go to all of them regularly.

Here some pictures from part of our IT team in Romania.


Here is also our Business Development and Account Management team in Bogotá


About our efforts: Fairs and events

During 2022, we attended more than 6 fairs from different countries and continents; fairs about the feed, food, vet and pharma industries.


Additionaly, we attended many events and joined public talks with entities such as Google Cloud sharing our journey, and we also regularly collaborate with universities like ESADE.


About our platform

  • 1 brand new product
  • 25 new features
  • +850 improvements and fixes

In technical terms, in 2022 we launched a new product (Trade Flows) and introduced 25 new features, always taking into account feedback from customers.

Additionally, our software development team deployed more than 850 stories, which include improvements, fixes and small bugs to improve the experience of our users.

2022 wrapped

Sadly, 2022 has come to end, but 2023 starts with great energy and more potential than ever. We are looking forward to this new year to keep growing and transforming the life-science industry.

It’s been a pleasure to share this year with you, so thanks for your support during 2022 and for joining us on this exciting journey!