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Kemiex voted #1 Foodtech start-up at Swiss Startup Awards 2021

More than 10’000 voted – 10 won. Zurich-based Kemiex was announced winner of the TOP 100 Public Voting of the Swiss Startup Awards 2021.

The 11th edition of the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award celebrated Switzerland’s best startups: Planted Foods (1st), CUTISS (2nd), and 9T Labs (3rd) were the top picks of the expert jury.

The winners of the TOP 100 Public Voting 2021 by category are: * Foodtech: KEMIEX AG * ICT: Authena AG * Proptech: ImmoZins AG * Cleantech: Perovskia SA * Security: PRODAFT SARL * Fintech: SBorg SA * Medtech: Spiden AG * Biotech: Synendos Therapeutics AG * Engineering: Synthara AG * Robotics: Voliro AG

The evening’s two keynote speakers illustrated the strength of the Swiss startup ecosystem and highlighted the potential of the TOP 100 startups: Ulf Grawunder is the founder and CEO of NBE Therapeutics, a TOP 100 Startup that was acquired by Boehringer Ingelheim for EUR 1.18 billion. Fabien Jordan is the co-founder and CEO of TOP 100 Startup Astrocast, a Lausanne-based company that did an IPO in August.

Our CEO Pau Franquet on the ceremony:

Thanks to all voting for Kemiex and supporting our mission to provide meaningful software solutions for chemicals procurement and sales.

Special congrats and thanks to all winners, innovators and those who make such events possible.

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