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Kemiex voted #1 Foodtech start-up at Swiss Startup Awards 2020

Out of 435 startups listed, CHF 5.4bn raised, 47 exits and 3 IPOs, Kemiex is proud to be the Public Award Winner for the Foodtech sector at the Top 100 Swiss Startup Awards 2020 event.

Top 5 Jury Award Winners: 1. Cutiss AG (Biotech) 2. Wingtra (Drones) 3. Piavita (Medtech) 4. Exeon Analytics (Security) 5. Versantis AG (Biotech)

Top 10 Public Award Winners by sector: 1. Fintech: neon 2. ICT: Authena 3. Foodtech: Kemiex 4. Security: CYSEC SA 5. Medtech: Sleepiz AG 6. Engineering: ANYbotics 7. Drones: Voliro Airborne Robotics 8. Cleantech: Transmutex 9. Biotech: KetoSwiss AG 10. Proptech: Heizungsmacher AG

Special congrats and thanks to all winners, innovators and those who make such events possible!

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