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Kemiex strengthens leading position as specialized bulk trade platform and marketplace for APIs, vitamins, food and feed additives

Having onboarded a sustainable network of more than 500 high quality users and having received numerous client feedbacks for our unqiue bulk trading solution, we’ve today launched some significant upgrades for our clients. The Kemiex platform will bring Buyers, Traders and Producers ever closer together to make bulk purchasing and trade for APIs, vitamins, food and feed additives easier and more efficient in a highly regulated environment.

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Reuters recently analysed that

275 million emails are exchanged annually by commodity traders to process 11,000 shipments of grain.

encouraging industry consortiums including Archer Daniels Midland, Bunge, Cargill, Louis Dreyfus and others to standardize and digitize commodity trading.

For APIs, vitamins, amino acids and other food / feed additives there now exists a bulk purchasing & trade solution called Kemiex. Today.

Our mission is to optimize Request-for-Quote (RFQ) and trade execution procedures for Buyers and Sellers in an effort to reduce the flood of emails considerably.

Natural evolution from name-protected intermediation services to a purchasing and trade platform for all companies

The new features will show Buyer and Seller names to each other, allowing for direct and better communication and meeting strict supplier qualification requirements. Selected premium Buyers continue to request raw materials anonymeously to protect their market positioning, an advantage that is not available when dealing over email or phone today.

Purchasers are also able to invite their suppliers that are not in our network, pre-select relevant Kemiex suppliers and keep all quotes, chats and documents archived in one place.

Sellers continue to place anonymous Spot Offers directly to all relevant buyers inside the full network.

Communicating through Kemiex will not only reduce the email flood considerably and helping to keep an audit trail from RFQ to trade execution, but also to get latest market & pricing insights for numerous APIs, vitamins and other additives.

Our industry leading fee structure makes transacting inside more efficient than outside.

High-quality trade ecosystem, also for traders and distributors

Due to its independence and unique business model, Kemiex remains the only digital bulk trade platform that is accessible also for traders and distributors.

Together with Atradius trade credit insurance, the Kemiex quality department will continue to assess quality and financial strength of all incoming companies to enable a safe trading ecosystem. Its integrated credit risk and insurance solutions remain a unique value proposition for Sellers as they instantly get financial insight for buyers and can close trade credit insurance in one click.

Kemiex also enhanced and formalized its quality management system further which has been well received by regulators and makes Kemiex a global front-runner among digital solution providers to pharmaceutical, food and feed industries.

Today’s e-commerce offerings or “marketplaces” are often based in India and China with little or no quality controls for incoming companies. At the same time, existing procurement solutions are not customized for life sciences industries or overly expensive and difficult to integrate into the ERP landscape.

Pau Franquet, CEO KEMIEX:

The introduction of a specialized e-RFQ and trading platform marks a quantum leap for these industries and meets a rising demand for high-quality digital solutions and efficiency. Closing a transaction in international trade often involved managing a flood of emails and calls to request quotes and handle the trade process. Additionally, due to limited public information available, it remains a challenge to achieve best market terms or to ensure payments and delivery of raw materials.