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Kemiex Insights 2/3 - Market News

Kemiex was founded in 2017 with the vision to connect all buyers and sellers of raw materials in the life-science industry through an all-in-one solution. The first product available to clients was the Marketplace, where companies could transact safely and efficiently using the tool. Over time, as a consequence of the growth in usage and after collecting feedback from many clients, we decided to develop a new solution that would allow users to visualize data to make better decisions: Kemiex Insights, which was first launched to clients in June 2019.

The following series will focus on explaining how Kemiex Insights supports companies to make better decisions on a daily basis. Since launching it in 2019, our team has worked tirelessly to continue improving the value delivered to our customers in every aspect. As of September 2022, we offer 3 different solutions related to Insights in the platform and in this second chapter of the series, we will explain the Market News solution.

Market news

What is it?

Market news is the section where you will find the most important news in life-science industries (feed, food, vet, pharma), which are sourced and summarized by our market intelligence team. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and an international team, we are able to identify breaking news about the feed, food, vet and pharma industries, from reliable sources around the world. Our Market Intelligence team explores original sources from all around the world, filters the most relevant events, and publish it in record time.

These include: Relevant events like maintenance, accidents and force majeure, new projects and plants, M&A transacions globally, notifications from regulators, investor updates of listed companies, disruptions in logistics, and many other events that could influence decision-making in life-science.

How to use it?

Although there is no correct or incorrect way to use this section, we can distinguish two main use-cases for the Market News feature:

1. Proactively: When visiting the “Market News” section on the platform, you’ll see the most relevant news sorted in chronological order. These news focus on a virety of topics that are relevant for your business.

In case you are interested in a specific topic of the industry, you can search the Keyword you are looking for in the search field (any word works: could be a product, a manufacturer, a country, etc.). You can also filter news by tags, which include geographical regions, products, sectors and other criteria.

One of the filters you can select on the “Tags” section is called Kemiex Report. There, you will find exclusive reports elaborated by our team about specific topics, where we analyse important events in the industry in-depth, and combine them with our know-how and curated feedback from market paricipants.

Additionally, you can download these reports and share them with your colleagues. As mentioned, these reports are only availabe for Kemiex customers and can only be found in the platform.


2. Reactively: By subscribing to the products you are interested in, (you can do this in the “Favourite products” section within the platform), you will start receiving emails about the news that concern the products you are subscribed to. This is a very efficient way to avoid missing any time-sensitive information that could help you in your trading activities.

What is the origin of the data shown?

We have a specialised team of analysts focussed on identifying important events that can affect our industries. They observe prices and demand fluctiations, news about big players on the industry like fusions, new factories, strikes and accidents, legislative changes and freights, among many other topics.

Our team of analysts based in 3 continents works tirelessly to obtain a clear overview at a global level. They report events and analysis from a complete neutral point of view, without taking any participation or expresing personal opinions, which allows our users to improve decision-making.

In each one of the news articles, you can click on “see more”, to see the full text and also the original source that published the article. Our team simply takes care of translating the information into English, and summarize the most important elements of the news for the convenience of the user. We only use trustable sources and information that have been previously verified, our team will never publish any information that could be based on low-reliability sources or that could lead to misleading decision-making.



Research content and market data by Kemiex AG (“Kemiex”) are for informational purposes and authorised members of its community only. Kemiex does not take any raw materials positions or stocks and we are committed to providing strategic and balanced market insights to Buyers and Sellers alike. Kemiex does not warrant that its market data reports are accurate or complete and hence, it should not be relied upon as such. The data is subject to change without any prior notice. Opinions expressed herein are our current opinions as on the date of this report. Nothing in this market data reports constitute purchasing, selling, trade, investment, legal, accounting or tax advice or any solicitation, whatsoever. Subscribers / readers assume the entire risk of any use made of this data. Kemiex clearly states that it has no financial liability whatsoever to the subscribers / readers of this report. All rights reserved. Any form of publication, reproduction, copying or disclosure of the content is not permitted.


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