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Kemiex Trading Network - Marketplace

Kemiex is a company founded in Zurich in 2017 with the aim to improve the handling of raw materials in the Feed, Food, Vet and Pharma industries. The vision is to provide the first truly reliable platform digitalising transactions in these traditional industries, connecting verified buyers and sellers from all around the world and helping companies to improve decision-making processes by providing neutral and unbiased market information.

The first product launched by the team was the Marketplace.

Kemiex Marketplace

What is it?

Kemiex is a digital trading network where reliable sellers and buyers around the world can negotiate in a safe environment. The marketplace is specifically designed to support companies handling raw materials in the Feed, Food, Vet and Pharma industries.

In Kemiex you can find more than 6’000 products available. This includes vitamins, amino acids, organic acids, additives, minerals, phosphates, APIs, excipients and many more.

Benefits of using Kemiex Marketplace

1. Reliable environment to buy and sell raw materials

One of the most important aspects of Kemiex is the trustability of the companies that are part of the marketplace. In cooperation with Atradius and SGS, we check every company that joins the platform in order to create a safe environment to trade.

For more information on how verification is done, you can see an article about it here.

2. Time optimisation and introduction to new partners


If the previous image looks familiar when trying to find new suppliers when product availability is lot, or customers when prices are plummeting, Kemiex is your solution. Forget about spending hours on the browser trying to find new suppliers and their telephone, or buyer directories. By joining Kemiex, you will have an access to a premium network of more than 2’500 members worldwide from your industry.

After joining Kemiex as a buyer, you will need a few seconds to reach hundreds of sellers, who will receive a notification and will start sending their quotations. Additionally, you will have access to real offers in real time from sellers globally, so you can be aware of market movements in real time. If you are a seller, you will be able to promote your products globally, and receive direct requests from reliable buyers without having to spend time and money to find them, directly in your inbox.

3. Industry specific platform

Kemiex is a platform created exclusively for companies handling raw materials in the feed, food, vet and pharma industries. This means that the platform is fully prepared to help you negotiate all relevant details related to transactions of raw materials, it is not a generic marketplace with random fields and access to companies doing a complete different business. You can choose between more than 6’000 products to negotiate, and can agree on all relevant terms that allow you to reach a transaction successfully (incoterms, grade, payment terms, delivery, documentation, etc.) with little to no effort.

4. Real-time team collaboration

Kemiex makes it easier to remotely collaborate with the rest of your team, as you can see the requests, quotations and negotiations of the whole team in real time. Apart from that, you can improve coordination with other departments, as all the post-trade documentation can be handled directly in the tool.

You will not need to exchange hundreds of emails including everyone in CC, which contributes to the reduction of many redundant emails that sometimes keep everyone busier than necessary.

5. Automatic trade credit insurance directly in the platform

Thanks to our exclusive cooperation with Atradius, for the first time ever, sellers have the possibility to automatically insure transactions. Atradius offers the possibility to insure the whole turnover of the company in a seamless way. Additionally, Atradius and Kemiex have designed the possibility to insure single transactions as an additional service for sellers that do not have a annual whole-turnover policy with Atradius (or with any other trade credit insurance company), or for countries and buyers that are not included in an existing policy.

How is it used?

Buyer Access:


As a buyer, you’ll find two different ways to buy: you can either create a Product Request, or you can check Spot Offers from sellers.

Product Requests:

You can conveniently send detailed requests to the market about what you’re looking for, and sellers will be notified and start quoting. You can specify to the level of detail that you require, in order to ensure sellers can quote as accurately as possible in a shorter period of time. This includes incoterms, delivery, payment terms, documentation required, etc.

This will connect you with all verified suppliers in Kemiex, and will allow you to start private bilaterial negotiations with each of them. This is the best way to aggregate and compare offers from sellers.

Spot Offers:

By reviewing the Spot Offers section, you will have real-time access to the latest offers from sellers globally. You can decide the products you are interested in, so you receive alerts when new offers are place. This will give you immediate access to real offers from real sellers globally, and will give you a pulse about what’s happening in your industry from your desktop.

Seller access:


For the seller, the platform looks and works exactly the same.

Spot Offers:

As a Seller, you have the possibility to offer your own products and promote them in front of a network of verified buyers that buy them. This will allow you to reach purchasers of reliable companies globally in a few clicks.

Direct quotes to Product Requests:

In Kemiex, you will receive personalized alerts to Product Requests from verified buyers directly in your inbox. As a seller, it’s very important to keep your favourite product list updated so you can receive notifications for new requests for your products and can quote in a timely manner.

Does Kemiex take any commission?

Kemiex is not taking any commission on the transactions happening on the marketplace. In fact, in Kemiex there is no exchange of money or payments between buyers and sellers, we provide the environment that allows companies to trade safely.

Instead of taking any commission, Kemiex works with yearly memberships. Depending on your needs, you’ll find the license that suits you better.