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Meet the 10 Swiss Venture Leaders China 2020

Ten Swiss deeptech startups were selected for the Venture Leaders China program organized by Swissnex, VentureLab, ETH Zurich, EPFL and other top institutions. The members of this new Swiss National Startup Team will get the chance to engage with Chinese investors to pitch their ideas and raise funds.

The 2020 China roadshow marks the sixth edition of Venturelab facilitating connections between Swiss startups and Chinese investors. The international roadshow includes pitching and networking sessions, where the entrepreneurs will showcase Switzerland’s innovative technology to Chinese investors and major corporations. The program offers the entrepreneurs multiple sessions with China’s investors and leaders to give them insights into doing business in the world’s fastest-growing innovation market.

The goal of the Venture Leaders China program is to provide the ambitious entrepreneurs not only with access to the complex Chinese markets but also with a solid network, feedback from investors and experts, and hands-on business development.

**Jordi Montserrat, Managing Partner of Venturelab **

The startups will follow in the footsteps of previous Venture Leaders China winners such as leukemia drug-developer Cellestia Biotech AG, which made connections that led to regional investors joining the company’s USD 20 million round in 2019. “Together with Venturelab, we help startups to establish game-changing partnerships with investors, mentors, experts, potential business partners, and highly engaged audiences. This long-running program is leading an unprecedented way to add value and build bridges to one of the world’s largest markets,” said Dr. Felix Moesner, Science Consul and CEO of swissnex China.

The Venture Leaders China 2020 illustrate the breadth of Switzerland’s technology leadership and provide solutions that improve a wide range of fields, including crop protection, compliance with marine air emission regulations, antibody therapy for cancer, and the quality and processing speed of raw semiconductor substrates.

Venture Leaders China 2020 is co-organized by Venturelab and swissnex China. The roadshow and any related events are supported by EPF Lausanne, ETH Zurich, VISCHER, Gebert RĂĽf Stiftung, Canton Vaud, and Canton Zurich.

Follow the entrepreneurs and the Venture Leaders China roadshow from September 14 to September 23, 2020, on social media using the hashtag #VleadersChina or on www.venture-leaders.ch/china.

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