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Discover how Agroceres Multimix has found a valuable partner in Kemiex for accessing insights

“We obtain high-quality insights from Kemiex to make informed business decisions. Their sector-focused procurement software is second-to-none”

Luis Eduardo Pimenta
Senior Purchaser

Agroceres Multimix

Company profile
Agroceres Multimix was born to bring to the agribusiness solutions in animal nutrition that follow the evolution of the market. It operates all over Brazil, helping the rural producer to have more productivity and better profitability, through solutions in several areas of knowledge of his property.

This is how Agroceres Multimix found a way to anticipate demand

We talked with Luis Eduardo Pimienta, senior purchasing manager of Agroceres Multimix, a Brazilian company part of the Agroceres Group, who joined Kemiex in mid-2022 and agreed to share his experience. Luis Eduardo has a Master’s degree in AgriBusiness Management and has more than 12 years of experience in the animal nutrition sector.

Why did Agroceres Multimix decide to join the platform?

We actively participate in the trading of vitamins and amino acids within the feed industry. As a result, we were searching for a digital channel that would keep us updated on industry happenings. Nowadays, having access to the internet doesn’t necessarily mean you can easily find the right information. When the sales team from Kemiex approached us, we decided to join their platform because they offer a trustworthy source of information. Their platform is easy to use and provides a collection of Market News, Price Trends, and Trade Flows all in one place.

What’s your feedback so far and what features do you use the most??

Even though we have access to their Marketplace and we have closed some deals on a spot basis, we have been using the platform especially to get information. Among the various Insights provided by the platform, we particularly appreciate the Market News section. We rely on it on a daily basis to remain informed about the feed industry. It has proven invaluable help in terms of anticipating events and has effectively helped us avoid unnecessary costs. We also frequently utilize the Price Trends feature to verify if the prices we are receiving are aligned with the market. Additionally, we rely on the Trade Flows feature to examine both prices and the import-export dynamics between countries. This enables us to proactively anticipate changes in demand.

To whom would you recommend the platform?

Although my experience primarily belongs to the feed industry, I highly recommend it to all companies, small or big, involved in working with raw materials and seeking unbiased and truthful information in record time.
Kemiex is a leader in market data and insights. Their procurement software and trade network is second to none.