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Altaquimica bets on digitalization and obtains a higher return than expected

“Kemiex platform is an all-in-one solution where we have all the information we need about the industry, and a tool to connect with other buyers and sellers globally.”

Laura Mosquera
Business Development Manager

Altaquimica, S.A.

Company profile
Altaquimica is a distribution company of raw materials for life-science industry that was founded in 1959. Constant dedication and successful management within the relationship with customers and suppliers allowed the company to consolidate and increase its prestige in the sector.

Altaquimica is a distribution company of raw materials and ingredients for the pharmaceutical, veterinary, food, and feed industry based in Barcelona, Spain. After almost three years as member, Laura Mosquera, Business Development Manager at Altaquimica, S.A. shares her experience with the platform:

Why did you decide to join Kemiex in the first instance?

Altaquimica is a family-owned company with more than 60 years of history that has been consistently growing by delivering value to customers at all times. Aware of how much our industry is changing in the last few years, we decided to try new ways to do business, becoming more open to digitalisation and to trying online tools, as we see they have a lot of potential. In my opinion, nowadays you cannot turn a deaf ear, and ignore how the market is evolving, it is a must to adapt the company’s strategy to the new global environment.

We are always looking for new opportunities, and when Kemiex introduced us the idea, it was very easy to identify the potential of the tool. They are getting more and more known in the industry, and they have a lot of important member companies in the food, feed, vet and pharma sector that we are doing business with.

What is your experience so far?

We joined Kemiex back in 2020 and have been witnesses of the constant progress of the tool.
Since joining, we have successfully completed multiple transactions and have been able to establish new strong relationships with important suppliers and customers, both in Spain but also internationally.

Also, the Kemiex team has been one of the highlights for us, since their support is of great help towards our success in the platform.

As opposed to other tools that we use, in Kemiex we have direct contact with a personal Account Manager that is there for us to explain new features, answer questions, and support whenever needed. Moreover, we have also met in person in multiple occasions, which is something that we appreciate a lot.

Which elements would you highlight of Kemiex?

Insights offering: We found their insights very useful, especially the price trends, where we can see how the prices of some of our key products are evolving to anticipate when would be the best moment to buy or sell. This provides us with a new level of neutral information that we never had before.

Easy to use: The platform is very easy to use, and this helps us to have a better understanding of their main features, such as the marketplace and the market information. The efficient way to purchase and inquire offers through Kemiex makes you appreciate how important it is that the platform fits your needs.

Reliable companies: Kemiex checks and verifies every company that enters the marketplace in order to protect the integrity of the business within. This is very important for us because they provide a safe environment to trade. When doing business inside the platform, we can trust that other companies have a as they have been previously checked.

Can you confirm if Kemiex has delivered real value to your company?

Yes, we have done several trades every year, so I can confirm that Kemiex has had a positive impact for our business. Additionally, we have established new relationships with important suppliers and found new customers in multiple countries via the tool.

When it comes to the insights available in the tool, it’s hard to quantify the actual impact of the information we have access to, but it has definitely helped us to be on top of what happens globally. The information really allowed us to take more strategic and fact-based decisions, which has led to new opportunities and even reduced some costs.