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This is how Barcelonesa continues to be one of the leading companies in Spain with Kemiex

“We are one of the leading companies in our sector worldwide because we are committed to the digitization of the industry”

Joan Plana
Technical Sales

Barcelonesa de drogas y productos químicos S.A.U.

Company profile
Barcelonesa is an organization founded in 1942, which belongs to Grup Barcelonesa, dedicated to the development, distribution, formulation, technology and logistics of chemical products for all industrial sectors, as well as ingredients and specific solutions for the food sector.

Eurotier, the biggest event in the animal nutrition sector, took place in November 2022 in Hannover. There, we had the opportunity to interview Joan Plana, Technical Sales for the feed division of Barcelonesa, a company with more than 80 years of history that forms part of Grup Barcelonesa: a multinational holding company with family capital that brings together companies highly specialised in the development, distribution, formulation, technology and logistics of chemical products for all industrial sectors, as well as ingredients and specific solutions for the food sector.

What does Barcelonesa’s success rely on?

Barcelonesa is a company with more than 80 years of experience, we help more than 3.000 customers in more than 70 countries and we continue expanding our operations worldwide. Part of our success as a company comes from our ability to identify market needs and adapt our offerings to best meet customer demand.

Having entered into context, we believe that experience is one of the best tools for making strategic decisions. For more than 80 years, we have experienced a very large technological evolution. Barcelonesa has always maintained a technological approach, always betting on technology and new solutions in order to remain a leader in our markets.

We are committed to digitalization, in fact, we have a department exclusively focused on developing digital solutions to be more efficient and improve processes. One of the major projects led by this area has been easyB; the platform that facilitates and makes communication and data management between our customers and Barcelonesa easier and more efficient. From it, they can autonomously manage all the information and documentation associated with orders and products easily and from any device.

How did you get to know Kemiex?

We were looking for a digital platform that would allow us to keep growing in the global market, spreading our name and getting new business. We knew for a fact that digital solutions for such a traditional industry can work, so we decided to try our luck.

When we started looking for a digital solution to increase our market share, we defined the following criteria to choose it:

  1. It had to be easy to use, without the need for extensive training and reducing the margin of error. Kemiex is very easy to use, and you have a designated account manager from the start to help you with any questions you may have.
  2. It had to be secure, as we handle large volumes and we can’t afford to have a security breach, Kemiex is perfectly placed for this because it inspects all the companies before entering with the collaboration of Atradius.
  3. It had to be global, we sell to the international market and limiting ourselves to the Spanish market would be an inconvenience. At Kemiex, we have done business with companies from all over the world, as we currently have more than 2500 companies on our platforms all over the globe.

Would you recommend Kemiex?

Of course, for any company that wants to be up-to-date with the industry. We cannot ignore how the industry is evolving, and it is in our interest to be the front-runners of that change.

After months of using Kemiex, the result could not have been more satisfactory. We were able to close transactions very quickly with new customers who are now recurring, so we made a return on investment in a very short time.

I would recommend Kemiex to any company in our industries, both big and small companies. As a small company you will meet new partners which can help your company reach a new level. As a big company, you will be able to make competitive offers and increase your income in a very efficient and scalable way.

Additionally, the information in the platform helps a lot to understand how the market is changing. Nowadays, reliable information is very difficult to obtain, we have many sources and we hear a lot of noise, but by reading Kemiex news, we do not need to filter them because we know that, if they are posted on the platform, they have been previously checked and it comes from trustable sources.