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This is how Empresas Ariztía benefitted from improving decision-making with Kemiex

“Thanks to Kemiex, we have increased our knowledge by negotiating better prices and terms with suppliers globally”

Juan Pablo Tagle
Raw Materials Supply Manager

Empresas Ariztía S.A.

Company profile
Empresas Ariztía S.A. is a Chilean food company founded in 1894 in Melipilla, Chile. It is a company committed to innovation that produces and supplies packaged food products. The Company offers chicken and turkey dishes for breakfast, dinner, lunch, and appetizers, as well as provides salads, sausages, and other meat products. Empresas Ariztia serves hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets in Chile.

In today’s testimonial, we have the pleasure of featuring the experience of Empresas Ariztía S.A in Kemiex. Ariztía is a Chilean manufacturer of food products with more than one century of history. Juan Pablo Tagle, Raw Materials Supply Manager of the company, explains to us why they decided to join the platform and how their experience has been so far:

Why did you decide to join Kemiex?

Empresas Ariztía S.A. has been in operating for over a century. For this reason, we know the importance of staying ahead of the game in terms of sourcing information, good suppliers and new opportunities.

The main reason why we decided to join Kemiex was to get access to trustable market information and compare our purchase prices with what is available in the market. With this information, we can do better forecasts and prepare ourselves better for the months and years to come.

How has Kemiex helped Ariztía so far?

In general, Kemiex has helped us by allowing us easy search and comparison of products, real-time pricing, and secure communication and transactions, which increased efficiency in our day-to-day activities.

In terms of specific subjects, Kemiex has helped us specially with the following topics:

BENCHMARKING: Kemiex has been helping us as a benchmarking and global market analysis tool, allowing us to assess whether our purchase decisions are consistent with the global market. We review the Spot Offers we receive through email notifications and compare them with our purchase prices, which helps us to have a reference to the market and guidance about the way we buy. This allows us to increase our market understanding and improve our purchasing decisions. Additionally, the new trade flows functionality is very interesting as it shows us the total volumes exported to more than 50 countries, increasing even more the possibility to see how global supply chains operate per product.

REAL-TIME MARKETPLACE: The real-time quotes feature on Kemiex is one of our favourite aspects of the platform. It enables us to make well-informed decisions quickly and effectively. By sending a Product Request, we obtain several quotes, sometimes in a matter of minutes, with up-to-date and real prices from reliable suppliers, which helps us a lot to understand the market situation efficiently, all in one screen.

COST-SAVING: Apart from understanding better the market situation; by having access to a larger number of suppliers and offers, we have been able to save costs on our purchases. As a result, we have been able to continue to invest resources to further expand as a company.

Would you recommend Kemiex?

As the Raw Materials Supply Manager of Empresas Ariztía S.A, I highly recommend Kemiex to any company in the nutrition industry that is looking to improve their access to information and their sourcing of raw materials. The platform provides a secure and reliable way to communicate and transact with potential buyers and sellers, and real time quotes and market analysis tools are invaluable.