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FLOSAN found new key suppliers thanks to Kemiex

“Kemiex is a platform that the API and ingredient market has long needed. Thanks to the tool we have strengthened our global position in the market and found new key suppliers for us.”

Julio Godoy
Managing Director


Company profile
FLOSAN is a company founded in Guatemala in 1984 which focuses on the sale and distribution of raw materials (chemical products) for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Food/Feed industries. They represent several leading brands for exclusive distribution in Central America and their vision is to become the leader in Central America in the supply of raw materials.
FLOSAN joined Kemiex in March 2020 with the hopes to discover new suppliers and learn from digitalization. One year later, our team talks with Julio Godoy, the Managing Director of the company, to revisit the highlights of this first year of cooperation between FLOSAN and Kemiex.

What did you expect when you joined Kemiex?

In the past we tried a few online platforms to do business but we never had a good experience. For this reason, we were very cautious in the beginning until we decided to join Kemiex. The caliber of member companies and the onboarding checks were a good reason to feel more comfortable and join. The goal was to do some business and find out how to start preparing for digitalization in our company.

What is your experience so far?

Kemiex and its team have surpassed any expectations we ever had! Within the first year, we have executed around 60 transactions in total, ranging between $3’000 and $140’000 each. Thanks to Kemiex we have found new business partners that have become key suppliers for us on a regular basis. Via the tool we can rely on the quality of suppliers and customers, which makes our daily life much easier.

What other elements would you highlight?

There are 2 things that come to mind: * Immediate access to relevant and reliable information: The insights section of the platform has grown to become one of our key sources of information. In the platform we can see what happens at a global scale in a very efficient way, and we can understand better market dynamics. Additionally, Spot Offers from sellers have become a reference for us to know first-hand how market evolves. * Continuous improvement: What I value the most from Kemiex and the team is that they are always working on further improving the platform and adding new elements to help members. During the 12 months that we have been members, we have seen them introduce multiple new features that help us in our daily activities, some of them came from our own feedback.

Julio’s words about Kemiex

Kemiex is a platform that the API and ingredient market has long needed. With Kemiex, we have connected with new suppliers for our demands and at the same time we obtain valuable information from the market.