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HELM Portugal increased market exposure using Kemiex

“Kemiex is a proven B2B platform to be informed about API and vitamin markets and to increase HELM’s digital exposure in front of a high-quality target audience.”

Luis Jovani Valdovinos
Commerical Director

HELM Portugal

Company profile
HELM is a Hamburg-based family-owned company steeped in tradition and able to look back on a history spanning over 120 years. It is a multifunctional distribution company specializing in Chemicals: Feedstocks and Derivatives, Crop Protection, Fertilizers, and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Pharmaceuticals.

We discuss with Luis Jovani Valdovinos, Commercial Director in HELM Portugal, who shares with us his experience with Kemiex. HELM joined as a member of Kemiex right when the platform went live back in 2018. They have witnessed the progress and rapid evolution of the platform, and agreed to share their opinion of our premium service since they joined:

What made HELM Portugal join Kemiex back in 2018?

When Managing Directors of HELM discussed the project and the vision with the Kemiex team, they realized an opportunity to evolve as an organisation and decided to be a first mover with an entity specialised on APIs. As an innovative distributor of APIs and expert in APIs like Vitamin C , Heparin, Caffeine, Vitamin B12 and Octenidine, it’s very important for us to be aware of market changes, new opportunities across different channels and to constantly look for strategic alliance for offering niche product to our clients.

The Kemiex’ model which focuses on connecting reliable companies has been beneficial to us in several dimensions. Most notably, its insights on market events, price evolution and supply chain, which help us to manage our commercial operations but also to enhance the insights we are providing to our own long-term clients. Moreover, the market exposure to efficiently promote our products, and in some cases even leveraging the personal networks of the Kemiex team.

As a forward-thinking organisation, HELM periodically reviews its omnichannel and digital presences, one of which (Kemiex), has proven to be very successful.

What do you think about the evolution of the platform?

We see this project as a long-term cooperation, as the platform could be relevant for other several business units of HELM. The number of members and high-quality inquiries in our specialised pharma vertical have greatly increased. The platform has constantly improved since it went live, and there have been several game-changing features and services that have made it even more suitable for us: A highlight are the price trends and special reports to stay informed about markets and supply chains, but we also see opportunistic value in the convenient and efficient way to reach and communicate to customers – bilaterally via quotes, or via public spot offers to increase the chance of selling stock positions.

How are you leveraging Kemiex at the moment?

Together with the Kemiex team, we are currently working on 3 main streams:
* Combined market communication: Both marketing teams are working together to provide reliable information to the industry, and to help customers taking the right decisions for their business. Clients of Kemiex get access to our market updates on Heparin, Caffeine or other strong products, and we are leveraging their price trends and special analyses to add insights for our client reports.
* Increasing brand awareness of HELM: Kemiex has grown their online presence and we are working together to promote the news and services provided by HELM. The combination of social media exposure and email campaigns to targeted customers allows us to maximize our communication efforts and leverage their network.
* Meeting new customers: As a leading distributor globally, we sell premium products from selected suppliers. Our reputation is very important to us, and therefore we work only with reliable companies. Kemiex’ GDP-compliant onboarding checks and high quality brand ensure that we can easily meet new customers while mitigating potential risks. Being in Kemiex gives us access to a pool of reliable buyers that we can connect with in every market situation.

Overall, we get priceless practical experience about the digital transformation of chemical distribution, and by being active members of Kemiex we can even contribute in this process and shape its future.