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Infoark increased internal efficiency and global reach using Kemiex

“Thanks to Kemiex we are now more efficient and coordinated as a team, and we are promoting our name in front of reliable buyers globally”

Sophia Yu
Sales Director

Infoark International Co., Ltd.

Company profile
Infoark, founded in 2003, is one of the top suppliers for APIs, Intermediates, Food & Feed additives, finished pharmaceutical formulation and healthcare products in China. Their activities involve Importing, Exporting, R&D, OEM and Joint production, so they consider themselves a choice to get one-stop overall solution service from China. With many years of advanced experience, international trading is their main development direction. Infoark’s service network covers all main API markets, including Latin-America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Japan, Korea, Australia, EU etc., having more than 300 long-term business partners.

In today’s testimonial, we have the pleasure of talking with Sophia Yu, Infoark’s Sales Director, one of the top suppliers in China for APIs, Intermediates, Food & Feed additives, finished pharmaceutical formulations, and healthcare products:

What were the main reasons to join Kemiex?

Infoark is always open to exploring new opportunities for growth. Be it new events, or new technologies, our team always has its ears and eyes open for new ways to grow the business in a reliable and successful manner. While discussing with the Kemiex team, we decided to explore their website and also ask a bit around. We saw that many familiar names in the industry are using Kemiex on a daily basis, so we thought it could be something interesting for us.

After some calls with different members of the Kemiex team in China and Switzerland, we realized that Kemiex could handle our concerns and cover all our needs. Additionally, they showed us some opportunities we didn’t even think were possible for us, so we decided to join and try.

Did the platform live up to your expectations?

There were a combination of reasons that made us decide to join Kemiex. Among them we were aiming to:

  1. Become more known among reliable buyers in new markets: We wanted to spread our name globally and become more known in the industries where we are active. Thanks to Kemiex, we are able to connect with companies from new markets that we didn’t know before, and we don’t need to worry about the quality of the company because Kemiex reviews them.
  2. Increase Infoark’s market share by investing in digitalisation: We were looking for a professional platform dedicated to our industry to interact with buyers and sellers and do real transactions in a safe environment, follow the trend of online trading.
  3. Improve coordination of our team: This was something essential for us as we need to be coordinated considering the size of Infoark.

I can confirm that with Kemiex we are achieving our targets of higher internal coordination and higher brand awareness internationally

What is your experience so far?

The platform and the team behind it surprised us to a great extent, since Kemiex a very different business model that what we have seen in the past in Chinese platforms.
The amount of networking possibilities, business opportunities and crucial information that the platform offers made it a safe investment for our management.

With the tool, we have also been able to coordinate better as a team by having different profiles so we could cooperate and improve our efficiency, while acting independently and simultaneously.

Apart from that, we were very positively surprised to have a dedicated account manager that is as committed and dedicated to helping us all the time. This is not common in our industry or in any platform we used before, so this is really something that makes the difference in our opinion, and makes us believe that Kemiex has a bright future ahead.

Do you think Kemiex is a good platform for traders? Would you recommend it?

Yes, of course.

Kemiex is a professional solution focusing on the industry of raw materials in Feed, Food, Vet and Pharma. The platform provides a safe environment because all buyers, traders and sellers are verified on multiple levels before they join the platform.

Besides the trading part, which has created real and tangible business opportunities for our team, Kemiex also provides very useful market information. They offer neutral relevant news updated in real time, some of which are coming from very specific official Chinese sources, price trends that help us visualize global markets in a few clicks, and a new feature called Trade Flows that shows how much has been exported to each country for some products. And all of it is included in a fixed flat fee with no additional costs for us.