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Nutrisynthese keeps growing by digitizing purchases via Kemiex

“We've achieved substantial growth thanks to Kemiex insights, and met new recurring suppliers”

Ahmed Walid Safraoui
Commercial Director

Nutrisynthese SAS

Company profile
Nutrisynthese is a French company based in Cambrai, dedicated to the trading of raw materials for animal feed and human food products. They commercialize premixes, additives and livestock products.

Nutrisynthese keeps growing by digitizing purchases

As a small company, it has been challenging for us to access and establish contacts with large international companies.
Today we share the experience of Ahmed Walid Safraoui within Kemiex. He is the Commercial Director at Nutrisynthese, a French trading company specialised in raw materials for the feed and food industries. Ahmed has been working for Nutrisynthese since 2019 and has pursued two Master’s degrees in Agricultural Economics and Value Chain and Agrologistics. Nutrisynthese shared some highlights on how they use Trade Network to grow their business, which helped the company to save thousands of Euros by strategically purchasing products from reliable international suppliers met through our platform.

How did you find out about our platform and why did you join?

When we met the Kemiex team we realized the tool was offering exactly what we needed at that time: a reliable platform to connect us with reliable suppliers of raw materials in the feed and food industries. Our primary objective was to expand our supplier network, as our reach was more limited than we wanted. To validate our decision, we reached out to various companies in France and Europe, both large and small, and discovered that many companies we know were already utilizing Kemiex’s services to access reliable information and trade raw materials. With this knowledge, we confidently began using Kemiex in 2021.

What challenges was Nutrisynthese facing before joining our platform?

As a small company, it has been challenging for us to access and establish contacts with large international companies. Although our gradual growth, we faced obstacles in negotiating with these companies, both for purchasing raw materials and selling our products. In addition, I consider myself to be an analytical person, who values having accurate information to make informed decisions, particularly during critical moments. The emergence of increasingly false information sources has resulted in companies making erroneous decisions and potentially incurring losses. We grappled with this issue for a while before joining Kemiex.

What are the benefits for Nutrisynthese so far?

We have numerous benefits from our collaboration with Kemiex. In general, we are experiencing advantages in terms of establishing relationships with new international suppliers and making more informed decisions through their information. Specifically, here are some of the benefits we have realized so far:

1. Significant cost savings by establishing relationships with trustworthy suppliers worldwide

Despite being a small company, the Trade Network has provided us access to an extensive network of international suppliers in our industry. This has allowed us to establish long-term relationships with some french and international suppliers, gain access to additional resources, and achieve significant cost savings by procuring feed and food raw materials from around the globe. As a result, our business has expanded beyond our expectations. All of this has been made possible through our dedicated efforts to make this project a success. We have actively published over 100 product requests on the Kemiex marketplace, resulting in successful deals involving hundreds of thousands of euros and hundreds of tons of materials.

2. Gain access to valuable information for price benchmarking

Kemiex offers an unimaginable amount of information, they have an “Insights” section where they offer Price Trends with which we do Benchmarking and compare with other previous prices. In addition, by observing the offers posted by other companies in the Marketplace, we can observe real price trends in real time. They also offer high quality and quick Market News for the industry, that has helped us a lot to make the right decisions, and a feature called Trade Flows, which has allowed us to check the amount of raw materials that has been traded between countries and their price.

3. Streamlined trading operations

Last but certainly not least, investing in Kemiex has led to a significant digital transformation of our business. While we still continue to procure from some traditional suppliers, Kemiex has allowed us to digitise our purchasing process to a large extent. This transition has brought about a substantial change at the organizational level, enhancing the coordination of our entire team. Now, we can work collaboratively in real-time, with all quotations and offers tracked in a centralized location. Furthermore, we are able to convert these data into meaningful information and graphics. This empowers us to analyze our performance and determine if we are on the right track.

Would you recommend Kemiex?

Our cooperation with Kemiex has been a game-changer for Nutrisynthese.

I would certainly recommend Kemiex for any company in the industry, whether large or small, as it offers so many features that any professional can benefit from both for the marketplace and for the information they offer.