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Pintaluba Group fully digitised its purchasing process using Kemiex technology

“The Kemiex Private Purchasing Portal is helping our group companies to become more agile and scalable, while improving our supplier partnerships and client service level.”

Andreu Pintaluba
General Manager

Pintaluba Group

Company profile
Founded in the city of Reus (Spain) in 1978 by Mr. Andrés Pintaluba Esporrín, and constituted as a family business, Andrés Pintaluba (APSA) is currently the parent company of the Pintaluba Group, a group of 12 companies with national and international presence.
Today, we have the pleasure of talking with Andreu Pintaluba, General Manager of Pintaluba Group, to talk about their experience with their own private portal, powered with Kemiex technology. Based in Reus (Spain) and with more than 40 years of experience, Andrés Pintaluba is one of the largest suppliers to the animal feed industry worlwide. The Pintaluba Group is one of the pioneers in implementing private portal service. Kemiex private portals consist of using Kemiex technology to create private and personalised purchasing portals, being able to digitalise purchases and having greater control over them. It works by inviting suppliers to quote through the private portal so that you can see all the offers in a clear and aggregated way.

Pintaluba Group’s Private Portal

Initiated during the COVID pandemic, the Pintaluba Private Purchasing Portal was created as consequence of a constant improvement culture and an innovative spirit from management and employees, which after more than 45 years of existence has brought the Andres Pintaluba Group to be a reference company in its sectors, always striving to be ahead of the curve. After two years of experience using the Pintaluba Private Purchasing Portal with more than 400 suppliers across the different group companies, a set of interviews were conducted to understand the impact of having implemented the Kemiex Private Portal technology. Seven key findings were highlighted to be the core value drivers of the project.

How Pintaluba Group benefits from Kemiex private portal

1) Increased collaboration across internal teams and offices:

Agile and reliable communication between internal teams is key to offer the best possible service to clients and reduce mistakes with suppliers. Purchasing, logistics, commercial and management teams across more than 5 worldwide locations within Andres Pintaluba Group have increased supply chain visibility and coordination, leading to faster and better service for end customers.

2) Improved alignment and coordination with suppliers:

With an integrated and dynamic contract management systems where suppliers are given access to, purchasing and logistic teams from Andres Pintaluba Group can now make available long-term agreements and its respective scheduled or call-off deliveries. Therefore, stopping the use of cumbersome and prone to error excel files, and ensuring a complete transparency and coordination with key supplier partners. Their usage of such tool has proven to strengthen supplier relationship, leading to deeper and more robust collaborations.

3) Unique Market intelligence automatically generated:

The Pintaluba Private Purchasing Portal opened a new paradigm of market analytics and speed within the group companies. All request for quotations (RFQs) and its respective quotations from suppliers are now aggregated in a simple to navigate custom-made dashboard in real time across all group companies. This allows on one hand, purchasing teams to make better informed decisions, as well as on the other hand, commercial teams to give even better advise to the end customers of the group. Data can also be delivered via APIs to internal analytics tools such as Power BI.

4) Streamlined post-trade documentation process:

With an intuitive document upload facility, clustered by each delivery within a contract, both suppliers and Pintaluba employees can upload and download all required documents related to a transaction (Signed Contract, PO, COA, BL, TDS, MSDS…). Additionally, Andres Pintaluba Group opted to integrate the Private Purchasing Portal to their ERP system, benefiting from automatic creation of POs as well as synchronization of supplier documents from the Portal to their ERP.

5) Drastic reduction of email communication and risk:

Thanks to a chat communication function linked to every negotiation and transaction, the number of emails to negotiate and agree to deals have been dramatically reduced. Additionally, each chat remains linked to each transaction separately, achieving a full traceability on what has been discussed and agreed, which is often difficult to fully reflect only in the contract or PO.

6) Discover new products via accessing the Kemiex Trade Network:

The Pintaluba Private Purchasing Portal is also linked to the Kemiex open marketplace, called Trade Network, allowing convenient and safe discovery of new products and suppliers to complete full customer orders of typically combined shipments. As such, the Pintaluba organization can now offer a wider range of products to their end customers when needed.

7) Improved end customer experience and service level:

Improving the sourcing process and post-trade activities leads to a reduction of mistakes, improved supplier coordination, better analytics, improved possibility to complete full product orders and more time available for strategic versus operational purchasing activities. As a result, Andres Pintaluba Group clients benefit now from an even better reliability and advise, positioning once again the 45 years old company from Reus as a front-runner in the industry. In conclusion, it has been proven once more that the right technology specialized for an industry, together with the right team can enable an organization to reach the excellence at doing cumbersome and complex processes from the past. As we always say in Kemiex “channels change, but relationships stay”; while business channels moved from fax, email, chat-apps to platforms today, the people on the other side of the line will always remain important, and to be one step ahead from the peers it is crucial to continue to invest and adapt to the new technologies.

Would you recommend the Private Portal?

Pintaluba Group has always invested in digital technology to support its growth, being one of the first Spanish companies to adopt an ERP. The Kemiex Private Purchasing Portal is helping our group companies to become more agile and scalable, while improving our supplier partnerships and client service level.