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Premix plans to double purchasing capacity in the near future using Kemiex

“Thanks to Kemiex we have started buying from new reliable suppliers we can trust, especially during difficult times”

Carlo Bergonzi
Purchasing Specialist

Premix S.r.l.

Company profile
Premix S.r.l. is a complementary feed company founded in 1983 in the north of Italy, in the province of Reggio Emilia. The company offers integrated feed solutions that focus on obtaining the best results in breeding. With many years of experience in the different animal species, Premix makes service, assistance and maximum flexibility towards the customer its business vision. With an R&D department always available to obtain better products and a dynamic company team, Premix places its human resources at the center of the company's development. A better environment for better products and satisfied customers. Additionally, they have obtained the most important quality-related certifications in the feed sectors, including Fami-QS and GMP+ among other

This month’s conversation is with Carlo Bergonzi, Purchasing Specialist of Premix S.r.l. an Italian company that manufactures integrated feed solutions since 1983. Carlo shares his experience using Kemiex and a few tips that allowed him to use Kemiex regularly:

Why did you join Kemiex?

Premix is a company where all employees are very commited with the vision of the company. In my case, I am running the procurement activities but I am also involved in R&D and in Quality Assurance, which means that I need to be very effective with my time.

This lead me to look for solutions that would help me to optimize my time without sacrificing the quality of my work. During that time, I was coincidentally contacted by the team of Kemiex. When they showed me the solution, I presented it to the ownership of the company who also immediately grasped the potential for our company in the future.

What convinced me to join Kemiex was the fact that with the tool I can perform negotiations and reach agreements in a more efficient and aggregated manner, without the need to exchange endless emails or chat messages with each supplier separately.

As of today, it’s been a bit over 6 months since you joined. What’s the result so far?

Our goal was to be able to get the full experience in order to be able to decide after the first year, if the investment was worth it, so since the beginning we have been having periodical contact with the Kemiex team to clarify any questions and make sure we are getting all the value that the tool can offer us.

Since we started using Kemiex, we have closed more than 10 transactions with very well-established suppliers from all over Europe (Spain, Italy, Belgium, France, etc.), ranging between €3’000 and €20’000 each. A few of these new suppliers have become recurring suppliers, so thanks to Kemiex we have been able to establish new high-quality strategic relationships, that otherwise we would have missed.

As comfort for other buyers, would you say it is well-invested money?

As a buyer, it is sometimes hard to quantify how spending money can help to ultimately save (time, money, mistakes, problems).
However, in the case of Kemiex, the investment has already been more than amortized in several ways:
New valuable relationships with top suppliers: I can’t assign a value to a good relationship with a supplier that will help you when things are difficult and markets are uncertain, like it’s happening in Q4 2021. Not having such relationships would have been a much greater loss for Premix.
Optimization of repetitive tasks: Thanks to Kemiex I can now efficiently send my requests to multiple high-quality suppliers in a few clicks, and receive relevant quotes from them in a matter of a couple of hours or even minutes.
Traceability and team coordination: Covid added some extra challenges for companies, one of them being team coordination. With Kemiex, we can all be on top of ongoing negotiations without having to align internally all the time, and without the overload of emails
Market information: Kemiex has become one of our main sources of information. The price trends and the reports have definitely helped us to better understand the markets and make our purchases at the right time.

What are the goals of Premix in the coming months/years? How is Kemiex contributing to those?

Our ambition is to double our business in the near future, which would also entail increasing our purchasing volume and workload. Since we are using Kemiex, this ambition has become easier to turn into reality. The more we use the tool, the more are convinced that Kemiex will be a pivotal element in the development of Premix in the years to come.