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How PSP is growing its trading business thanks to Kemiex

“Thanks to Kemiex we have grown our global trading activity. Additionally, the integration with Atradius is a game-changer for the industry.”

Juan Font

PsP S.L.

Company profile
PsP S.L. is a company founded in 1997 at the Principality of Andorra on the basis of a commitment to fair trade between the customer and supplier within the global market. Their main operations and logistics office is based in Shanghai, where they have strong operations and logistics structure, which they place at the disposal of customers for representation and commercial operation. Their main activity is the intermediation, purchase, sale and distribution of Api’s, additives, excipients and intermediates for the Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Feed, Food and Chemical industries.

Juan Font, who is the founder of the company and its Director, is convinced that being open to new ideas is the difference between success and failure in the long term. In his opinion, digitalization is a major element to keep in mind for the future, but also for the present. For this reason, since 2016 he actively looked for digital solutions that could support him to grow the business and prepare it for the future. He considered multiple platforms, but it ultimately landed on Kemiex because of its easy-to-use interface, storng focus on reliability, and innovative model.

Kemiex has become our daily tool to find new business with reliable companies from all around the world. Additionally, the integration with Atradius allows us to execute transactions much faster because all our trades are insured, it’s a game changer for the industry. We have been members since they started operations and their progress is impressive.

Why PsP decided to use Kemiex

According to Juan, the main elements that convinced him to become a member of Kemiex are:

1. Atradius integration

Thanks to the exclusive cooperation with Atradius Credit Insurace, PsP is able to automatically insure all transactions via Kemiex, reducing administrative work, and ensuring a seamless process when closing transactions.

2. Ease-of-use and mapping of the industry

When he first saw the tool, Juan mentioned that he had never seen any other tool that mapped the industry so accurately yet so intuitively. All relevant terms needed for any negotiation of any product within the Feed, Food, Pharma and Vet indutries have been carefully analyzed and made available to users in a simple layout.

3. Quality and reputation of members

Like every business owner, Juan’s main concern was the potential risk of doing business with companies that could be fraudulent, or that would not respect the terms of an agreement. In Kemiex, all members go through a review where we ensure that all members are reliable (financially, in their processes and quality standards, and in their business behavior), so companies can forget about problems and can focus on doing business safely.

4. Market Insights

The privileged neutral position of Kemiex in the industry, allows that we receive information that market participants might not have access to. Our team of analysts collects and processes that information and gives it back to users so they can be informed at all time, and improve their decision-making. According to Juan, the price trends are exceptionally useful because they help to understand market dynamics from a different point of view.

Preview of how users can analyze price trends for more than 25 products (Vitamins, Amino acids, APIs).

The integration of Atradius: a key advantage to use Kemiex

Atradius, as one of the world’s leading credit insurers, has always been a frontrunner in harnessing smart and innovative technology in order to service our customers in the most efficient way. This innovative mindset shows in the cooperation with Kemiex in 2 ways:
* Atradius customers can automatically insure their activity through the tool, without any additional effort
* Non-Atradius customers can, for the first time ever in an online tool, benefit from trade credit insurance services for single transactions in one click.

Since joining in 2018, PsP has increased the sales volume via Kemiex, not only for the growing business from well-known buyers, but also thanks to the convenience provided by integrated credit insurance when selling via Kemiex.

In Kemiex we can directly see the details of our policy when quoting to each buyer in real time, which has allowed us to reduce lead-times by 30% when quoting, as the credit check with Atradius is done by default and available in the tool when needed, including the amount covered in each case. In situations when product was scarce and prices were rising, in multiple occasions such efficiency gain was the reason why we received the order vs. other sellers who needed more time to check with their insurance provider.

How Kemiex supports PsP to cope with Covid-19

PsP was is a user of Kemiex since 2018. Since then, they were able to start new successful business relations, which they would complement with physical meetings during exhibitions. The situation changed drastically when the Covid-19 outbreak started in China, where PSP is based.

Thanks to Kemiex, Juan and his team have been able to continue strengthening business relations with companies from all around the world without being affected by the absence of trade exhibitions. The tool increases efficiency when receiving inquiries and providing quotes in a speedy manner, and the chat allows immediate communication with customers and suppliers.

The current situation derived from the Coronavirus pandemic had changed the rules of the game. With global travel being heavily restricted, and with global exhibitions put on hold for the coming future, business relations are rapidly changing. Thanks to Kemiex we have been able to not only strengthen the coordination with our usual partners, but to grow our international network of customers and suppliers, without leaving the office.