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Quimica Anastacio uses Kemiex to be better informed about the markets

“Since we use Kemiex, we have improved our knowledge about international markets, especially in critical moments”

Eduardo Silva
Market Intelligence Analyst

Química Anastácio

Company profile
Quimica Anastacio is a company from Brazil, which was founded in 1941 in Sao Paulo, and which has become the leading player in the Brazilian market in the raw material sectors for Beauty products, Human and Animall nutrition products, vet products, and also industrial products. The company has now almost 400 employees and it's growing its presence in other countries in Latin America.
We discuss with Eduardo Silva, Market Intelligence Analyst in Quimica Anastácio, the leading distributor of chemical raw materials (with a focus on beauty products, nutrition for humans and animals, and industrial products) in Brazil, about his experience in Kemiex since the company joined in 2020.

How did you find out about Kemiex and what convinced you to join?

I was looking for online solutions that would give our company some information about the sectors where we are present, and would support our purchasing decisions. I found Kemiex and I registered on the website to get a demonstration and find out more. The team was very responsive and took the time to show us the tool and explain all relevant elements of the solution. Quimica Anastacio has become a leading player in the Brazilian market thanks to a very forward thinking and innovative mentality. When we saw Kemiex and all its features, we realized that it could be a great opportunity to continue improving our knowledge about our sectors globally, so we decided to give it a try and explore the potential of the tool. The proximity of the team, whose members always willing to go the extra mile to support when we have questions, was another reason why we decided to give Kemiex a try.

What is your experience with Kemiex so far?

Since we started using the tool, we have improved our knowledge about certain products from the food and feed industries. Spot offers published by sellers globally allow us to have a real time picture of what is happening with certain products globally, and to identify potential opportunistic opportunities to buy. The Market News are of great help to figure out fast what is happening so we can make the right decisions in a faster and mor data-driven way, especially the fact that all original sources are shown, so we can get our own opinion in a much faster way than before. Additionally, the Price Trends help our team to better know when is a good time to buy or to wait
Our team uses the platform at least several times per week in order to ensure we are the first ones to react to relevant events and be fast at taking advantage of market movements. In the distribution business, acting fast can be the difference between making money or losing money. Thanks to Kemiex, we have fast and reliable information that allows us to make faster decisions than before.

Who is using Kemiex in your company at the moment?

Although Kemiex could be useful to several divisions and departments of our organization, at the moment the teams leveraging the tool the most are the Market Analytics team, and the purchasing team for Food and Nutraceuticals. Both teams are formed by dynamic members who are always open to try new things to improve the outcome of our job, so we believed that it was the best way to roll out a new solution. Additionally, we are exploring the possibility to expand the list of users but it will also depend on the developments done by Kemiex. We have been told there are new features coming soon and we are looking forward to them.