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How Quimidroga leverages Kemiex for opportunistic transactions

“Kemiex is very convenient and efficient for buying and selling. We receive surprisingly fast responses from high-quality companies.”

Saad Oulad

Quimidroga S.A.

Company profile
Quimidroga S.A., a company founded in 1944 in Barcelona, is dedicated to the commercialisation and distribution of chemicals whose line of action is based on the deep knowledge of its activity, the constant work and the lifelong loyalty at the service of its suppliers and customers. The portfolio of Quimidroga’s products includes more than 7’000 references from 860 suppliers worldwide, which allows Quimidroga to meet any demand from more than 7’200 customers, resulting in a sales volume superior to 600’000 tons and a turnover of around 900 million euros.

Saad’s words about Kemiex

Kemiex is a pioneering software to consolidate raw material quotations, negotiate with existing suppliers and connect to new suppliers from the Kemiex network. It is very convenient, efficient and I receive surprisingly fast responses from high-quality companies. Strategic market data is also quite insightful.