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Shanghai Nuvit has gained leading clients thanks to Kemiex

“Thanks to Kemiex we have built new business relationships with reliable buyers in several continents in a very efficient way that seemed impossible before”

Lucas Zhang
Vice General Manager

Shanghai Nuvit Bio-tech Co., Ltd.

Company profile
Shanghai Nuvit is a company that was founded more than 10 years ago in Shanghai. It focuses on the industries of Food and Feed (Vitamins, Amino acids, pigments, etc.), and also on the Vet (APIs, excipients), and they are strongly developing in chemicals and intermediates, among others. The main values of the company are a very professional financial management with a strong cash flow management, which allowed a significant growth in regions like India, Southeast Asia, Latin America and more. Quality is in the heart of what they try to achieve, and this is why they obtained the ISO9001 and FAMI-QS certifications. The management strongly believes in a close cooperation with its clients and partners in order to support each other to grown in the long term. This is also why they have decided to join Kemiex, to meet reliable companies to start sustainable and long lasting business relationships.

Our team talks with Lucas Zhang, Vice General Manager of Shanghai Nuvit Bio-tech, a Chinese trading company based in Shanghai which focuses on products for the feed, food, cosmetic and vet industries, and who is developing their chemical and intermediates business. After more than one year of usage, Lucas shares his feedback about Kemiex:

Why did you decide to join Kemiex?

Honestly, we decided to join Kemiex because many companies from the industry were talking about this new solution and we wanted to get our own opinion about its potential. I have to admit that its value proposition is very different from any other platform we have ever seen before, and we wanted to see if its innovative business model would fit our company. After more than a year of using it, I can confirm that it is very useful for us and we see a lot of potential for us in the immediate future.

What elements would you highlight about Kemiex?

We discovered Kemiex to be a very intuitive platform where are able to connect with very well-known potential buyers from all around the world that we never got to meet before. We have been able to have very efficient negotiations with premium companies, many of which have turned into orders.

We really like the innovative model of the platform that allows us to sell via multiple channels, which is very different to any solutions we ever saw beforee:
* The Product Requests allow us to receive real buyer inquiries from all around the world in our inbox with 0 effort
* The Spot Offers give us the opportunity to proactively reach the relevant people in the target companies that we operate with, in a very efficient and scalable way

In both cases, we also have the possibility to segment our activity by market, allowing our team members to focus on their respective regions and to organize our internal processes more clearly.

The newly created Account Management team has also been of great help, supporting us when we need it the most and always helping us where possible so we can gain new customers.

Can you confirm if Kemiex has delivered real business to your company?

Definitely! Although we did not have as much time to leverage its potential during the first year, we closed multiple transactions with clients from 3 different continents, generating several hundred thousand dollars of additional revenue for us, which is more than we ever did in any other global platform.

I believe that the direct positive impact in our PnL that we have seen in the first year is more than we could have wished for in an online platform. We are very happy with the return we have obtained so far and we see potential for much more in the months to come.

And this is not everything! We are seeing improvement in other areas as well.

Is there anything else you would highlight as contributions to your day-to-day?

Additionally to real business opportunities explained above, we are seeing Kemiex is having a positive impact in our daily work on the following areas:
* The tool is allowing us to further organize our sales efforts globally, which is also yielding surprising results with the team.
* Apart from the new business and the connections we gained via the tool, the insights have also given us a new point of view that helps us to make more educated decisions than in the past.